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Our Return to the Land!
A Members and Guests Weekend
Friday April 28th -Sunday, April 30th, 2017

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Real People, Real Traditions, Real Community.
Beltaine is about Spring, It's about Family.
It's for Babies and Children, Maid and Gallants.
Our Aunts, Uncles, Mothers and Fathers.
Elders and Ancestors.
Our joyous journey through the Wheel of the Year
...and the Web of Life.

 "Now the green blade riseth, from the buried grain;
Wheat that in dark earth, many days has lain..."

Join us for our annual homecoming and celebration of the Delights of Spring

It’s Beltaine at Four Quarters! A Weekend of Renewal !

Time for the season of hibernation to end, and the season of joyous activity and growth to begin! Come and see the Land in its springtime splendor, bedecked in a blanket of wildflowers and budding trees, with every morning borne on the music of songbirds. Greet the tribemates you haven’t seen all winter, and bring new friends to learn what Four Quarters is all about!

MayPoleDanceIn addition to all your gear and springtime finery, please bring flowers to share for the Beltaine workshops and ceremonies. We want to the see the beauty of flowers everywhere we turn, so, if you would, pick up a grocery store bouquet or two on your way, and drop them off at the buckets by the Coffee Dragons.

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Register On-Line Here

Your questions are welcome!

Our In Camp Domitory is available!
Rooms have double beds,
blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets.
During events rooms and bunks are bundled with meal plans and are booked for
the duration of the event; you must call the office for reservations.

Registration Information:
Pre-Registration Deadline is April 23rd.
Member's Pre Registration: $50
Guest Pre-Registraion: $70
Guest Saturday Arrival: $60

Children Under 16 are Loved, Cherished, and Free!
Saturday's Beltaine Feast is free for all attending.

Beltaine Meal Plan by the Starvin' Artist Cafe!
3 meals and the feast, Friday Dinner-Sunday Brunch.
Omnivore and Herbivore options available.
Pre-Registration required, $33/person.

As Always you are welcome to arrive before Friday and stay after Sunday. Early-In, Late-Out Camping $5/night for Members, $10/night for guests!


2017 Draft Schedule!

Beltaine Schedule: April 28, 29, & 30th 2017

We will be having a Artistic / Silly Raffle & Auction
The cost of consumables purchased for the Coffee Dragons for an entire season is $2500.  We all know that the Coffee Dragons is a vital source of caffeinated goodness for all as well the well being of the Tribe of Four Quarters. So all kinds of items are needed!  We call out to crafters and artists to donate an Item or two. But we are not only looking for crafty Items we are also looking for Silly items that will catch us some Bank. So get creative… If a person or persons want to get together to provide some sort of Entertainment like Jumping into the River or …. (whatever family friendly entertainment you can think of) we will gladly add that to Raffle as an Auction Piece for a Set Amount. Where the Tribe can combine funds to make said entertainment happen.  If interested in donating something please contact -


As the land awakens with the tribe returning to the land. Time and care must be given to our sacred sites. Please join us at these sites on Friday to Give Thanks and Blessings for serving us. What better way to give thanks than to spruce these sites up.  This is also a great time for new folk of the land to visit and talk with those in service at these sites.

1pm-3pm Thanks and Blessing of Labyrinth, Bardic Circle, Coffee Dragons, Stone Circle

3pm-5pm : Thanks and Blessing of Hemlock Hole, Faerie Cairn, Fox Altar, and the Fire Circle

6pm: Meal Plan Dinner at the Dining Pavilion

7pm: Mini Choir Rehearsal at Bardic Circle

8pm: At the Ringing of the Church Bell - First Fire Ritual at The Fire Circle Wheels turn and Fires burn, as planets circle the Sun.  This cosmic dance is constantly in motion around us despite what our all too human sense of vision limits us to see.  The trees are green again, and the pilgrims have come back to the Land.  Step out of the darkness and into the light as we set the Beltane Fire alight!

(An act of service by the Order of the Bracers)

Followed by: Drumming and Dancing to the Stars

9 pm : Opening of the Bardic Circle  


9 - 9:45am: Meal Plan Breakfast at the Dining Pavilion

10 - 11am Annual Members Meeting

11am -12:30pm       Moral Imperatives of Church Activism: Is Now our time?   Orren Widden

12:30PM - 2pm   Drum and Chant for Ritual and Ceremony  Kurt Griffith
11a- 12p  Coffee Dragons 101

12p - 1p   Choir Rehearsal with Kit and the Stone Circle Choir

12p- 2p   Invasive Weed Workship with Gaia's Gardners at North Crook

1pm: Tea Party - Act of service by Miss Ivy


     Making of the Maypole - Ribbons Dozer in service

Making of the Maypole  Wreath in service Robin Woodruff

   Prayer Flags with Crones on the Hill

Kids track Ribbon Wands  and other crafty awesomeness-

Children Games

2:30- 4:30pm  Dancing & Raising of the May Pole in the Green -

Children are asked to participate by blowing bubbles or ribbon wands around the dancers.  Bubbles will be provided.  

5 pm:   The Beltane Feast(for all attendees)

The Raffle will be held during the Dinner.

7pm: Beltaine Main Ceremony  From the individual seed to the communal tribe, setting intention towards building a stronger Four Quarters - Community for the 7th generation. Patricia Althouse in service

Followed by:

“Not Quite” Dead Poet Society   This time the focus will be on Living Artists, So if you have a favorite poet, or lyricist who may be underappreciated. Perhaps an up and coming band? Now is your chance to share their work with the tribe. Sign up Coffee Dragons MC by Blinx

9 pm - Bardic Circle: Fire and song!

A Drum Circle to the Stars!!!


9am: Children Stone Crew meeting at the Seed stone in the Meadow

10am: Meal Plan Sunday Brunch at the Dining Pavilion

11am: The Raising of the Seed Stone - It is vital to teach the next generation; greatness found when working together and do something for the community. Come bare witness to the youth tribe pull and raise the seed stone. - in the stone circle.   Act of Service of the Kids Tribe - & Coriander Woodruff

12:30pm Closing Ritual - Weaving the work and energies of Beltaine into our own Spiritual Armor so we are strengthened not only by each other but the land as well. - Kailin Miller in service, inspired by Blinx



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