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Hard Times
Orren Whiddon

Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears,
While we all sup sorrow with the poor;
There’s a song that will linger forever in our ears;
Oh Hard times come again no more.

– Stephen Foster

No doubt about it, hard times have come again. And for many reasons these hard times are likely to be as long lasting and transforming as the recession of the eighties, perhaps more so. The signs have been plain for years now and many of us saw this one coming; in fact our Board of Directors made the decision to buy the camp way back in 2003, and bought it in 2005, based on an expectation of severe financial hardship by 2008. Since then Four Quarters has been putting every spare dollar into paying down the camp mortgage and installing the foundation of our much needed camp infrastructure, taking advantage of the good times while expecting those “Hard Times Come.”


What's Wrong With Local Food?
Local and Organic Food and Farming: The Gold Standard

 More and more consumers and corporations are touting the benefits of "local" foods, often described as "sustainable," "healthy," or "natural." According to the trade publication, Sustainable Food News, local as a marketing claim has grown by 15 percent from 2009 to 2010, and it's likely that number will increase in the coming year.

But, beyond the greenwashing and co-opting of the term by Wal-Mart, what does "local" food and farming really mean? What is the impact of non-organic local food and farming on public health, nutrition, biodiversity, and climate?

Jessica Prentice coined the term locavore for World Environment Day in 2005 to promote local eating, and local consumption in general. Her goal was to challenge people to obtain as much food as possible from within a one hundred mile radius. Her success was more than she imagined. In 2007 the New Oxford American Dictionary selected "locavore" as its word of the year. Local had arrived!


Our Pool of Knowledge
Patricia Althouse

What are some of the things that hold community together and define it?  A community has shared culture, interests, values and stories. A community has a shared pool of knowledge; skills and techniques that are passed down from one generation to the next. A community has hungry people to feed, young people to guide, lonely people to befriend, and elderly people to comfort. Members of any community should strive to support its Members for all of their needs. Communities must have Members willing to help each other.  It must have people who are willing to give in a multitude of ways, with which we collectively lift each other up. Those include all the things we’ve heard about before: time, energy, money, and teachable skills.

Some call Four Quarters a community, and it is true that we share culture, interests, values, stories and knowledge amongst ourselves.  We are bound together by more than a few events.  We are bound together by more than fellowship, although we certainly have plenty of fellowship.  We have many, many good people who give of themselves for others in innumerable ways.  We have many more who have yet to discover how they can best serve.


The Future and Four Quarters
Michael Jones

We live in a world with an uncertain and foreboding future where the long-standing paradigms of stability are becoming questionable. The US economic downtrend, the fall of the stock markets, the rapid increase in living costs, and the dilution of the purchasing power of money are some examples. Additionally, the resources to support modern society are being stretched thin. In the midst of these hard times is a place and a culture that can weather the storm - the Land and Community of Four Quarters. The vision and dedication of its Members to maintain a sanctuary for the seventh generation is its key to survival. Living close to the Land with reverence for Earth Spirit is its key to sustainability.


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