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My name is Aase Wiborg,
and the Mackerel on my Hat is Immortal.

Aase Wiborg

    My particular kind of Earth-based religion is something like this:

Air copy    The place that is most sacred, closest to spirit, is HERE. This earth is not just dirt, or a place to be endured while we strive to be taken to some other, purer, better, more transcendent place after we die or become enlightened or whatever. It is the only home we know for absolutely certain that we have. If we long for our souls to feel happy, then let us make our joy HERE. If we long for our souls to feel free, then let us find freedom HERE. If we ache to feel balance, then let us make little adjustments and celebrate each success HERE. Starting NOW.
     We live in changing times. Some of us have gifts that help to plan for the future; others analyze the past to identify and learn from past mistakes. Neither of those is my particular path on this earth. If i spent my love for this earth on the past or the future, i could so easily lose myself in worry, indignation, fear, and guilt, turning the sharp edges of my mind against myself and my fellow human beings.



Earth copy    For many the term spirituality conjures up thoughts of a connection that can be drawn, however tenuously, with an afterlife that promises a better more perfect place, where only the best aspects of life may be experienced. It may call to mind images of shrines and candle lit altars, of chalices and celebrants in ritual; all serving a higher purpose that we might somehow aspire to reach, separate from the here and now which some consider an unpleasantness to be endured.


lt’s the Differences
Dougie Fort

Fire copy    My view of Earth Spirituality has changed over the years I’ve spent among the Stones. As I’ve healed from the traumas of my past, I’ve come to look at spirituality in a new light. For me, Earth Spirituality represents the vast tapestry of myths, stories, rhythms, and songs that we, who live on this Earth, have developed to define our place in the dance of space and time that is our universe.
    The wisdom that comes from this to guide our future is very simple. We are more alike than different and rather than warring and fighting we should be celebrating both the things we have in common and those that differ. Truly it is the differences between us gives spice to life and makes the journey of discovery interesting. ❧

The Goddess is Coming and is She Pissed!
Juliet Waldron

Star Tendril Logo    Earth Spirituality is a daily practice, a spirit of attention toward all creation. It means embracing silence, giving thanks for all not man-made. It means pausing to worship Mother Earth in all her manifestations many times a day. SEE the tiny yellow flowers of the Witch Hazel in autumn, the spore bloom of orange upon spring’s green moss, the weathered apple tree beneath which I stand and listen to a divine host singing among the blooms, busy performing the miracle they’ve performed since the Cretaceous. Watch clouds and bow humbly before sun rise and set. See how the geese fly, salute their wild songs, kiss a hand to Mother Moon and receive in return Her shivery kiss, curl up to travel the night road with a warm cat close, while a great horned owl chants her ancient ritual in the old maple outside. Hug a tree, hear spring’s sap gurgle and rise, feel the life glowing within rough bark. Let your feet sink roots into Our Mother, and stand until your head fills with light and shakes astral leaves into the sky.


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