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A Snapshot of the 2009 Financial Year

Orren Sez...
Please do see my much longer article on finances (and much else besides), but I think a few things should be pointed out about the raw numbers.

Church Ward Income is basically income from my consulting business and holiday gifts from my family. It grew quite a bit this past year, as I allotted more of my time to building little widget boxes, anticipating a downturn in Church revenues. On the expense side, most of the costs of this business (and they are considerable with machine tools, raw materials and electronic parts) are lumped into “Other Expenses. Total “put in the Church bank account” profit amounted to about $20,000 for the year.

I am deeply committed to the principles of commutarian living, and to the
support of Four Quarters. I am pleased to have had a part to play.

Last year the BoD predicted a drop of $90,000 in gross income as a consequence of our decision not to renew the contract for the Gaian Mind music festival. The numbers here show that story well.

It is important to note that we handled most of their registration income, so the income category “Evn’t Income-Outside” represents gross income, which must be offset by the expense category “Event Costs-Outside” to actually figure our net income from Gaian Mind. Which was about $40,000. You will also note the large drop in Merchant Credit Card income and expense. Another direct result from Gaian Mind.

I would also like to point out the effects of our campaign of belt tightening across our expense categories. Go down the list and compare to previous years and the results are there to see. For those of us who live here it has been a tight year, but well worth it.



Jan1 to Dec 31 2007 2008 2009

Campground Services 6,090
8,000 10,091
Church Ward Income 26,060
26,400 43,562
Contributions 22,130
30,100 25,634
Event Income 4QF 89,540
89,600 57,757
Ev’t Income-Outside 98,925
95,580 9,150
Memberships 50,700
52,000 41,141
Merch CC Income 4,285
5,120 1,937
Other Income 4,970
3,400 9,879
Winery 7,000
7,000 4,782
Total Income 309,700
317,200 203,937

2008 2009

2,256 2,675 525
Camp Equip+Repair
12,990 24,970 11,996
Camp Improve
54,293 56,510 27,982
Church Services
468 100 246
ChurchWard Support 
27,880 33,295 28,442
20,194 22,960 11,042
Community Service 
550 500 300
Event Costs 4QF 
30,880 34,550 20,670
Event Costs-Outside
48,434 53,155 0
Financial Fees  
670 470 577
6,750 6,010 4,096
29,920 25,895 20,949
Merchant CC Costs 
4,250 5,205 2,081
4,488 3,330 1,957
Other Expenses
10,234 9,430 19,757
6,400 1,050 443
16,600 14,840 11,870
17,860 16,230 14,518
Total Expenses 295,117 311,175 177,704

2008 2009
Total Expenses
295,117 311,175 177,704
Total Income 
309,700 317,200 194,937


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