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Stones Rising XXIII

Wednesday, August 30th-Monday, September 4th 2017

It is late August, and the annual Nile inundation has begun to recede. Soon Egyptian farmers will be able to sow their crops in the blanket of rich, black soil the river has left behind.


But right now, the people gather in the arid western desert above the flooded valley to raise monuments for their king and god. They do this not as slaves, but as people working towards the common goals of sustaining their community and building great structures that will remain standing when they have lain in their graves for a thousand years.


During the day, they worked: some pulled great pieces of stone from nearby quarries, while others chiseled magical spells and images of gods into already completed portions of the monuments. Everyone from farmers to architects was kept busy.


And during the night, they told stories: they spoke of gods and goddesses, of greed and sorrow, of powerful magic and great joy. They spoke of the Sungod's perilous nightly journey from sunset to sunrise and of great magicians like Vizier Imhotep, the architect of the first pyramid and Prince Khaemwaset, whom they called Setna. They spoke of ma'at and heka—rightness and MAGIC.


Come stand shoulder to shoulder with us as we do the Work of pulling Stones that will stand through the ages, long after we are gone. Join us by the fire as we tell the stories the Egyptians told.


Experience heka—magic. Join your Tribe in late August and raise Stones!


 About Stones Rising


The Stone Circle is the heart of Four Quarters.
It is the work of years, and each year we gather at Stones Rising to celebrate and continue that work.
Though it is a group experience, Stones Rising moves every person in a different way. For some it is the opportunity to unplug: to serenely walk the Labyrinth; to contemplate the misty mountains in the early morning; or immerse themselves in the magic of the creek. For others it is the expectation of meeting new people—people who will go from being strangers to family in only a few short days. But for all of us Stones Rising is the opportunity to do something that matters—something that will last far longer than any of us will. It is the opportunity to continue the creation of sacred space as we raise megaliths with our brothers and sisters.
The Circle's story is not just about the Stones: it is overlaid with personal histories, with hundreds of stories and memories and milestones. You will often see people laying their hands on the Stones. They might tell you that this is the first Stone they helped raise, or how it was raised in the rain, or how the rope broke. They might tell you about how this Stone took all day to pull, prompting you to remark, “It's so small compared to the others!” The other person will smile and say that the Stones have minds of their own. They might tell you of the year that their baby was passed through the Mother Stone during the Baby Blessing, and of the people who were there who no longer come to the Farm. And with each year, the Circle's history grows richer.
No membership binds us; no specific faith binds us. What binds us is a belief in the value of this world, this life, and the humanity we all share. Can you help raise Stones if you're not a Four Quarters member? Yes! Can you help raise Stones if your path is spiritual path is solitary and unique? Yes!
What if you're new and have never set foot on the Land before? Can you help raise Stones? YES!
We raise Stones the old way, the hard way, with heavy ropes, rollers made from tree trunks, and people. It could be done so much more easily, with so much less sweat and strain, if we would just use heavy construction equipment. But what would be the point? Machines are not important: it is the hands and feet and hearts of the people who move and raise the Stones that is important.
Using heavy equipment to move and raise Stones would make the whole process faster, too. We could have had the Circle finished years ago and would probably be building a dolman somewhere by now. But this is not our goal, to have an Instant Stone Circle. When we raise Stones together, one or two at a time, we have the opportunity to take a moment and think about the sanctuary we are creating. In the interval between one Stones Rising and the next, we have time to appreciate that what we are doing is holy work. It is the work of creating connections between all of us regardless of how different our spiritual paths may be.
We are not here to recreate Stonehenge or Avebury. We are here to create thisCircle, here in this place. We are here together on this sacred land to join hands, to join earth with sky—to raise Stones.
And we'll all stand together and we'll Raise another Stone,
To the Seventh Generation and the Children Yet Unknown!
   Registration Membership Privileges Apply
         Children under 16 are loved, cherished and FREE.

  • 6 Days arrive Weds or Thurs, Pre-reg by Aug. 15,
    Members $100, Guests $120, $140 at the Gate.

4 Days arrive Friday or after, Pre-reg by Aug. 15,
Members $85, Guests $105, $125 at the Gate.

Late Registrations, CALL US!
Handicapped, Special Circumstances? CALL US !

Sunday morning’s Loaves of the Corn Mother,
Sunday afternoon’s Feast of the Standing Stones
are included in your registration.

Credit Card Registrations on-line at Stones Rising Registration.
Or call the office at 814-784-3080 with your
questions or to register.

About Lodging at Four Quarters -
Rooms have double beds,
blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets. During events rooms and bunks are bundled with meal plans and are booked for the duration of the event; you must call the office for reservations.

Meal Plan Information:
Dietary options are Omnivore, Vegitarian, and Gluten Free.
Please note the kitchen is *unable* to accommodate specific dietary restrictions.

Dinner Weds - Monday Brunch, 8 meals - 2 feasts,
$88 pre-reg only, Omni or Herbivore.

Dinner Thurs - Monday Brunch, 6 meals - 2 feasts,
$66 pre-reg only, Omni or Herbivore.

Dinner Fri - Monday Brunch, 4 meals - 2 feasts,
$44 pre-reg only, Omni or Herbivore.

Brunch Sat - Monday Brunch, 3 meals - 2 feasts,
$33.00 pre-reg only, Omni or Herbivore

If your child is old enough to need his or her own plate, please register them for the meal plan.  If they can share your plate, there is no need to register them for the meal plan.

The Stone People's Intensive

Friday August 25th - Tues August 29th, 2017

A work of years, Stone by Stone.
Built by our Tribe, Generation after Generation.

As we build the Stone Circle, the Stone Circle builds our Tribe.

We have grown together, learned together, and laid the foundation for our future.


Many of the things that you see when you arrive for Stones Rising—the beautiful arbors hanging in the trees in the Circle; the concrete-lined footers for the new Stones; the décor for ritual—were set up by the die-hard souls (“the few, the proud, the slightly touched”) who arrived the Friday before Stones Rising. This is the best time to learn how pulling and raising a Stone is planned! This is the time when Commitment Ribbons you will receive before the Rising are cut and bundled, props will be built, and the ropes inspected. Sometimes there are even different tasks like making tomato sauce or pruning trees just to mix things up.


Everyone attending The Stones People's Intensive pays $10 a day for meals.

Pre-Registration is required for meal planning purposes.

Please register HERE


Our Ancestors knew and experienced life as an ebb and flow of living energy, a proper time of expansion and growth outside of our selves; and a proper time for drawing within amid hardship to reaffirm and nurture the center. In times of difficulty and travail, it was considered wise to journey within and return to the center, to take stock of oneself and offer Sacrifice for those things most important to us... our Family, however that may be defined. And to then make Ceremony for the Land, to protect and sustain that which protects and sustains our Family, so that the promise of return might be kept. And in making this journey of Service, and Ceremony for the Land, we will have cause to Celebrate the Blessings we enjoy... and to make our Giveaway, so that the gifts of Family and Land can in turn become our own gifts and best hopes for Tribe, Nation and the World.

Stones Rising is a physical manifestation of intentions: our intent to maintain a place for all spiritual paths to come together in peace for a common work; our desire to build something physical and spiritual to sustain "our children's children's children"; the needs of individuals within the community to do work that is valuable to the community, whether it's feeding the masses, tending the fire, or Witnessing the actions of the tribes.

Stones Rising has become its own ritual, spanning several days, incorporating components such as Walking the Labyrinth, The Pathways of Service, The Procession of The Stones, The Creation of the Witness Arbors, The Ceremonial Fire Circle, Stones Eve, The Feast of the Corn Mother, The Ceremony of Commitments, The Rising, The Give-Away, The Feast of the Standing Stones, The Circle of Consecration.

It's a ritual of homecoming, of family reunion, of acknowledging both a spiritual power and a work that is greater than any individual. It's a recognition that any great endeavor, whether it's building a Stone Circle or building a community, requires the participation of every person involved in the community.

Everyone who experiences the Rising carries some of this community back into the world with them. Maybe this will manifest in a simple act of kindness, or maybe some great world change will come about as a result. Anything is possible!


Help create the event! Join the Stones Rising thread on our forum: Stones Rising Q&A, Planning;  people who gather together to envision, design and create the event and its major ceremonials. If you are not yet a forum member please do consider becoming involved.


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