Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Rainbow Bridge soars across our river. Outlined in a tracery of winter snow.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Quiet thoughts in a Circle of Standing Stones.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Our Hilltop Walking Labyrinth in August Sunshine.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Lasers in the woodlands!

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

The Hemlock Swimming Hole after a late summer shower.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Private camping by the river.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Our heritage herd of Scottish Highlanders.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Building Stone Circles by Community!

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Festival camping in the woods.

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Rainbow Bridge Night Lights Magic

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Starry Nights

Learn how easy it is to camp with us

Starry Nights

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Four Quarters InterFaith is Open, 7 days a week!
With The Land Alive, Beautiful, and Waiting.   
       Our World Famous Circle of Standing Stones awaits your quiet contemplation.    
             Rainbow Bridge soars across our river; its waters cool, clean and inviting.    
                    The Hilltop Labyrinth guides your journey within.

   Our approach is different.
    We keep our footprint as small as possible so that you can have a Nature Based and Spiritual experience on 250 acres of lightly improved and spectacular Land. With over a mile and a half of Sideling Creek, a Federally Protected Exceptional Value Stream that makes for Natural swimming, Hidden Valleys, High Cliffs and gently cool shadows.
   Our monthly Moon Services are a gentle and open way to share your sense of spirituality with others.
   Our overnight
tent camping grounds fees are very affordable at $15 a night for non-members; with hot showers, flush toilets and piped potable water, 24-7. Good roads too!  We offer some primitive spaces for RV's and car camping; with a limited number of small cabins and bedrooms available, do call ahead.
   Ask for a tour of our Meadery (Honey Wine)!

Our Schedule at a Glance
    Most weekends the Camp is open to all, and may also be shared with small events that require their own registration.
For large events the camp is closed and all persons must register for the event.

   Four Quarters is pleased to announce that we are now hosting a monthly Misa Espiritual to honor our beloved ancestors. Misas are held on Friday nights of our monthly Moon Service weekends at 7:00 pm in the Loft.
    Some weekends include Sweat Lodge, look here for the schedule.

2024 Spring & Summer Schedule at Four Quarters
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Fri, May 24 - Mon, May 27 Sweat Lodge Teachings Weekend

For those who wish a deeper exposure to the practice and traditions of the Sweat Lodge
Ceremony, we will be spending an extended weekend around Sweat Lodge.
Fri, May 24 @ 7PM: Misa Espiritual
     - Hosted by Pamela Alexander, Eguin Collarde
    Sat, May 25 Full Moon Service and Church Supper
     - Hosted by Ashley Kremsner

Tue, May 30 - Sun, June 2 OneZen Music & Arts Festival 2024
Bringing small communities together to grow as ONE.

Thur June 13 - Sun June 16    Earth Skills Revival
Slow Tech and BushCraft for these times

Fri, June 21 @ 7PM: Misa Espiritual
- Hosted by Pamela Alexander, Eguin Collarde
Sat, June 22 Full Moon Service: Tambor Oshun! A Celebration of the Orisha Oshun
- Hosted by Pam Alexander

Wedns, July 3 - Sun July 7  Drum and Splash 
Drumin' Dance and Swimmin' in the River!

Fri, July 19 - Sun July 28 Big Dub Music and Arts
EDM beats and DayGlo Arts!

    Fri, Aug 2 @ 7PM: Misa Espiritual
     - Hosted by Pamela Alexander, Eguin Collarde
    Sat, Aug 3 Full Moon Service and Church Supper
     - Hosted by Pamela Alexander

Fri, Aug 9 - Mon Aug 19   Honcho Campout
A Queer Music Family Gathering

Wedns Aug 28 - Mon Sept 2 - STONES RISING  The GiveAway
30 Year Anniversdary, A Homecoming
Registration Fees Are Waived!

Mon Sept 16 - Sat Sept 21    Between the Worlds
Spiritual renewal within the gay community

Fri, Oct 4 - Sun , Oct 6      Lil' Dub Music and Arts
Smaller and more intimate

Get the 2024 Wheel of the Year Calendar - our annual FREE Desk Calendar to get our complete 2024 schedule, information about events, interesting articles, and more!

The Schedule at a Glance single-page PDF can be found here!


lyre_playerSince 1994 Four Quarters has been growing functional cultural alternatives,
firmly grounded in an Ecological and Earth Spiritual perspective.
We derive our spiritual inspiration from nature, and seek to live within the
physical limits of the Land, its seasons and cycles.
We do not teach any "...isms" and we do not pretend to have "The Answer..."
But we do try to ask good questions.

Earth Spirit and Earth Living.



Four Quarters is a Membership-driven non-profit, a vibrant community of real people living real lives. And Four Quarters actually owns the Land, buildings and equipment that make our work possible, forever set aside from the vagaries of private ownership.

The content of our events is developed by Member Planning Groups; our buildings are built and the Camp Staffed by Member volunteers. Our twice monthly Spiritual Circles are led by Members who ask good questions, and volunteer their Service to our Community. If it happens, it is because our Members make it happen. 
t our core, Four Quarters is The Land.

A sacred place in the Alleghenies, set aside in perpetuity as a Sanctuary for Nature... and for People.
A lasting home for Earth Based Spirituality.

Where our Members seasonal campsites become their home away from home, and our guests can "get a feel" for our kind of community... and become a part of it.
Home for Ceremony and Celebration.

StateOfWorldWe who live here at Four Quarters are keenly aware of the emerging global predicament, the onset of the Age of Limits. And in these troubling times of climate change, resource depletion and economic globalism we act as a laboratory in miniature for the strategies  that will lead towards a sustainable future. We raise much of our own food, and its preservation and storage is a large part of our own “Wheel of the Year.” We are committed to renewable and small scale energy systems; we heat with wood and practice passive design in our structures. 

We see the ancient traditions of Earth Spirit as providing the best ethical guidance for a sustainable future of Earth Living we must now create.

We invite you to come join us...
Ask a question, find your answer,
as we stand together in the Center of the Circle.

"All of Life is interrelated. We are all caught
in an inescapable network of mutuality,
tied to a single garment of destiny.
Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."

- Martin Luther King Jr.