The Beltaine Gallery Page

Arranged by Photographer.

With thanks to: Eric Fierke, Etain, Mike McConnell, Wade Basher,
Tim McGowan, Heather McDuff and many photographers unknown.

    Our earliest photos are all on film and the work of selecting and digitizing them is ongoing.
Look for additions to this galley from the early years.

    Beginning about 2000 we began to receive high resolution digital camera photographs on CD,
the best possible format for publishing images.

    With the rise of Facebook and cloud image storage the images supplied
to us on CD has dramatically decreased.

If you have images of early or late Beltaine's, we would love to see them and possibly add them to this collection.
We need full resolution images stored on CD. We cannot use images that we must access through an internet connection.


The Beltaine Collections

 Beltaine by Photographer

Wade Basher

Mike McConnell
Heather McDuff