Sweat Lodge Teachings Weekend

Friday-Monday, May 24-27, 2024
Memorial Day Weekend at Four Quarters

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Bachteler FoL18 4687 crop1200Sweat Lodge, and sacred fire, being prepped for ceremony.

    For those who wish a deeper exposure to the practice and traditions of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we are offering an extended weekend immersed in Sweat Lodge.

    While our Sweat Lodge is active at most of the event weekends of the year, there has been a growing call for an immersive weekend dedicated to this spiritual tradition. Our Sweat Lodge Teachings will be just that, a deep dive into the songs, stories, trainings and techniques of Lodge.  
We will be cutting wood and carrying water, hauling stones, taking our meals together, and exploring aspects of Sweat Lodge Ceremony and indigenous spirituality. This weekend offers you an intimate opportunity to learn and work with the Sweat Lodge, allowing participants to gather a deeper appreciation and understanding of these sacred ways. We’ll explore how we honor the teachings shared with us, and serve the Interfaith Community of Four Quarters within these ancient traditions.

SweatBiuild2019 0781 600x400 IMG 9892 1200crop
Building a Sweat Lodge frame Spring 2019; and the Sweat Crew and guests at Teaching Weekend 2022.

    If you have been moved by your own experience of Sweat Lodge and wanted to develop a deeper understanding of ceremony, this is for you! If you've been volunteering down at the Lodge and would like to learn more about what we do and why, this is a special opportunity to spend time learning and sharing with our Ceremony Leaders and Sweat crew.

    This year we will be rebuilding and expanding the Sweat Lodge frame to accomodate more guests as part of the teachings, so an opportunity to participate in this ceremonial process. Everything is done with respect and intention. It is also a Full Moon Weekend, so the weekend will also include a Misa Espritural and a Full Moon cereminy. It will be a rich, full, weekend with a lot to immerse yourself in. Or just come to pray, not a thing wrong with that.

     Ceremonies will begin Friday evening with a welcome supper followed by an Evening Sweat.
     Saturday & Sunday will be filled with conversations, teachings, songs, the Drum, working on the Sweat Camp, Sweat Lodge ceremony, shared Brunches and Suppers at The Dining Pavilion.
     Monday will feature more activities together – Farewell Brunch, a Wrap-Up session and Closing Ceremony.
     We keep things flexible and stay busy. This year we are planning to rebuild and enlarge the Sweat Lodge frame, and everybody gets to help! There may even be some surprises! We just might include a few in-depth workshops on other traditions too, in a previous year we had sessions on the Spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora that were well received.

    Come with sleeves rolled up, boots, work gloves, pen and notebook, extra towels, and an open mind!

     Kurt Griffith, Walter Bachteler, Fox, Eric Gonzales, Sweat Lodge Ceremony Team, and the Starvin' Artist Kitchen, in Service.

Toksha akhe! Mitáquye oyasín!

If you were unable to attend this event, consider our
Fall Community Sweat Weekend, September 13-15, 2024

Registration Information

    $20 each day includes all of our shared meals, ceremonial supplies and camping fees.
PLEASE arrive Friday if you can!
Members and guests pre-reg by May 18th.
Children under 16 are Loved, Cherished and Free! 

Pre-registration is required, please contact our Office.

Call us: 814-784-3080, Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please contact Kurt Griffith with any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learn More about Sweat Lodge at Four Quarters here.

         Registration includes your Tent Camping and our shared meals.
There is no charge for Ceremony. A fees purely contribute to our material costs.
         An important part of ceremony in community is sharing our food together. The Starvin’ Artist will be serving morning brunch (Sat-Mon) and evening supper (Fri-Sun) each day at The Dining Pavilion, with Herbivore and Omnivore preferences.
         Call our office at 814-784-3080 with your registration or questions.

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Griffith SweatStones 6343 1200x630Sweat stones, ancient revered Grandfathers, await their turn to serve in Ceremony.