Body Tribal 2019

Friday, August 2nd - Sunday, August 4th 2019

Body Tribal is a very small Ceremonial Intensive event held annually at Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary. The ceremonies are new each year, and they are crafted to challenge the individual to step into ritual space as a direct interaction between the Self and the Other.

In crafting the ceremonies and exercises for Body Tribal we strive to build ceremony that will directly challenge the individual-in other words, the ritual team does not try to tell you what to feel, or how to feel, we just use the strongest ritual tools at our disposal to ensure that you feel something, and your perceptions are your own.

To those ends, over the years we have brought in tattooists, piercers, firewalkers, riggers, singers, and many other talented and skilled folk to challenge the individual in psycho-emotive and experiential ceremony.

Once a year, for one weekend, the tribe reunites in ritual space, and those countless stars converge and burn together, a conflagration of ceremony and purpose. Year over year, Body Tribal explores the limits of the Self, Tribe, and the infinite Other.

We are a very small, dedicated tribe in the larger picture of Four Quarters. Many of us wear our ‘otherness’ even at the Farm. But when we are together, we can relax into ceremony, become ourselves, not feel compelled to rein it in, not feel that we need to step away from the edge for the comfort of others.

Deep ties of ceremony bind this tribe together.

Body Tribal is created by a very small ritual team, often only one or two people, and we rarely will drop a hint as to what is in store. But we do work very hard to provide experiences of integrity and immediacy. We strive to reach through the clutter of the modern world and find ritual authenticity at the core of each individual, and to provide them an opportunity to stretch their boundaries.

From the madness of maenads, to the solitary shaman drumming a path that shines, to the priest of needle and ink we have all chosen the ritual vortex of Body Tribal. Maybe this year you will be called as well.

Body Tribal is a work being done for the Seventh Generation.


Pre-registration (by July 27th)
Members: $75
Guests: $95

Gate Registration:
Thursday / Friday Arrival: $110
Saturday Arrival: $90

There is no children’s programming for Body Tribal.
There is no meal plan offered for Body Tribal.

You are welcome to arrive before Friday and stay later than Sunday. Early In and Late Out camping is $5 a night for Members and $10 a night for non-members.

About Lodging at Four Quarters - Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets. During events rooms and bunks are bundled with meal plans and are booked for the duration of the event; you must call the office for reservations. Four Quarters has two hot shower buildings equipped with super low-flow dual-flush toilets, state of the art “on demand” heaters for our low-flow showers and drinking water spigots throughout the camp. Four Quarters is Green!