Body Tribal 2018

Friday, August 3rd - Sunday, August 5th 2018

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Each member of the tribe is a spark whirling in the darkness. Each of us is a heart ablaze, generating light and heat. Each of us is a soul, a purpose, a destiny. We swoop, we soar, we rise, we fall. We are the stuff of dream and dirt. Our sparks arc across the skies burning like the stars scattered across the endless sky.

But once a year, for one weekend, the tribe reunites, and those countless stars converge and burn together, a conflagration of ceremony and purpose. And this year, Body Tribal will celebrate those bonds of tribe tested through time and experience.
We are a very small, dedicated tribe in the larger picture of Four Quarters. Many of us wear our ‘otherness’ even at the Farm. But when we are together, we can relax into ceremony, become ourselves, not feel compelled to rein it in, not feel that we need to step away from the edge for the comfort of others.

Body Tribal celebrates a tribe, not a clique. There is room for new people if they choose to step into the storm. Someone always has a moment to explain a ceremony from 15 years ago so a new person can feel a part of things. So even though the tribe may look like a closed circle, it is actually warm and welcoming-at least, for those who have a taste for intense and challenging ceremony.

When you hear that we will be celebrating tribe in 2018, don’t get the idea that we are all going to hang out and talk about how great we are… We will explore, challenge, and deepen the group bonds. We will test the limits, discovering the concrete realities of why we feel such a strong inter-connectedness.

We will build on the work of last year.

And now are you are thinking of our ideas, our plans… nest-building, completely taking over the dining pavilion, working together to ensoul the temple and more?

Each year, Body Tribal is what the tribe makes of it, and it gets better each year because we all throw ourselves up against the challenge and give it everything we’ve got.

So, yes, this is a love song to you. sung from my heart of your bravery, of your selflessness, of your emotional labor. This song echoes from the past to the far-flung stars. And while we are currently separated by time and space, when you read this, all our thoughts will be turning to bright August days, and days and nights of ceremony within the circle of our outstretched arms.

First I sit, secure within myself. I feel the sky above me, the Earth below. I breathe and accept myself, my strengths, my flaws, my triumphs, my failures. I relax into acknowledgement that I will never be perfect. Within myself, I am secure.

I am enough, and yet, not enough. Around me, I sense my tribe. My tribe senses me. Eyes open around a great temple. Gazes lock. Memories are invoked as we meet one anothers’ eyes. I think of where this tribe came from, and I think of where it is heading. I remember altars blazing, temples thrumming with power, I remember the hands that grasped my hands tight. I remember the tribe. With my will and my intent I invoke the tribe around me, and they are there.

Deep ties of ceremony bind this tribe together.

And it is the ceremony we celebrate. It is the challenge we celebrate. We unite once a year to make ceremony, deeply. And we push ourselves deeply into our own realities, and to fully experience individual growth. Body Tribal is never the same. Over the years, it has been as sharp as steel pushed through willing living flesh, as immediate as the bare foot treading the coals, as sublime as the living Goddess ensconced within her shrine, as tender as when two wooden hearts are exchanged.

Body Tribal, no matter how varied in content, is always about the ceremony and the tribe. It is a small focused event for those who deliberately seek intensity of experience. Body Tribal is organized to focus on ceremony, and from Friday night until Sunday noon, we hold at least 5 major ceremonies. There are no workshops, there is no meal plan, there is no children’s programming. It is stripped down to the essence of tribe and ceremony.

The tribe makes their home on the dining pavilion for the event…half of the pavilion is temple space, the other half is room for making nests, sleeping, socializing, and sharing. Evenings after ceremony is complete, there is time and space for drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling.

So, it is not easy to give you a sense of what Body Tribal is about, because it changes in theme and content every year. However, I can give you some idea of whether or not you might like to join the tribe. If you absolutely love ceremony, you will probably like Body Tribal. If you seek to challenge yourself you will probably like Body Tribal. If you are seeking opportunity for intense personal transformation you will probably like Body Tribal.

If you see yourself standing deep in the magick, balanced between the drums and the darkness, then you ARE Body Tribal.


Pre-registration (by August 5th)
Members: $75
Guests: $95

Gate Registration:
Thursday / Friday Arrival: $110
Saturday Arrival: $90

There is no children’s programming for Body Tribal.
There is no meal plan offered for Body Tribal.

About Lodging at Four Quarters - Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets. During events rooms and bunks are bundled with meal plans and are booked for the duration of the event; you must call the office for reservations. Four Quarters has two hot shower buildings equipped with super low-flow dual-flush toilets, state of the art “on demand” heaters for our low-flow showers and drinking water spigots throughout the camp. Four Quarters is Green!