Stone People's Intensive

For Members of Four Quarters

The Stone People's Intensive:
For Stones Rising 2020
Friday, August 28th to Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

In Service to the Standing Stones

Griffith SR19 4746 1200

An opportunity to develop a deep relationship with the Standing Stones and with The Land of Four Quarters; by committing to the preparatory work of Stones Rising.

The arrival, rigging and unloading of the Stones and their
preparation as Altars, prior to their Processions.

The checking, repair and preparation of all of the equipment
used in moving and raising the Stones.

The surveying and digging of the Stones foundations.
The building of the forms and placement of the concrete for the foundations.

The rigging and placement of this year’s Witness Arbors.
The preparation of the Stone Circle for the Ceremonials.

The Cleansing and Preparation of the Stone Circle.
The creation of GiveAway bundles, an integral part of the ceremonial matrix of the Rising.

Sharing our morning coffee and meals together, and planning in the Dining Pavilion.
Very special ceremony with the Standing Stones...         
       And everything else that goes into preparing for The Rising

We will be sharing all of our meals together, from Friday dinner through Wednesday brunch. In fact the cost of the intensive is the cost of operating the Starvin’ Artist for five days; our meal sharing is a core and required part of the Intensive. $14 a day. Promoting Members will need to register for these food costs. Call the Office to make any special arrangements.

Each day will begin with our planning meeting in the Pavilion directly after brunch and will end, of course, with Magic in the Fire Circle. Very special magic! For five days we will share our food, our time, our sweat and laughter with The Standing Stones.

With good luck and good work, we will finish our task early Tuesday, with time to prepare for Stones Rising. But this is not guaranteed! We are compressing what is normally two weeks of preparations by the camp staff into just five days. So there is little room for mistakes or second attempts. Just staging in the deliveries of the Stones, heavy equipment, ready mix concrete trucks and all the other steps necessary to prepare for the Rising is a major challenge with a tight timetable.

Once we begin, there is no choice but to carry through.

Prepare for a challenge. But be ready for fun too!

We will take our time working with the Stones. We will arrange some practice sessions during the Intensive with our levers, ropes and rollers, and there are sure to be some special challenges in the fine art of moving large stones.

In fact, we are in need of new crew leaders for the Processions of the Stones, and what better way to find them than in working the ropes and rollers during the Intensive? The people who complete this Intensive will be invited to work with the Stone People of the Rising, actually rigging and raising the Standing Stones: dangerous teamwork reserved for veterans from past Risings and the Stone Crews.

If you think you have it in you to lead a Stone Crew or work with The Stone People during the Rising, this is your time to find out! Be there!! 

Registration for The Stone People’s Intensive

Registration is by telephone to the office.
You must call. There is no registration
via the web site.

Just give the office a call. Payment for your meals can be made when you arrive, BUT YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ! (including Promoting Members)

Cost? $70, ten meals, Friday Dinner through Wednesday Brunch with allowance for partial attendance. And yes, we will be taking turns in the kitchen preparing the food that feeds us all: how could it be otherwise for The Stone People!

Please do call the office with your questions or to make arrangements for partial attendance. 814-784-3080.

Accommodations are available in our In-Camp Dormitory: Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows; bunks have fitted sheets. During events, rooms and bunks are booked for the duration of the event. If you are staying through Stones Rising, the Dorm accommodation must be bundled with the Stones Rising Meal Plan.