Members Camping in Members Camp During Events

As the years have gone by Four Quarters has continued to add events, large and small, to the schedule. This is a good thing, especially as many of these events are smaller, Member organized affairs that reflect our "you make it happen" ethic. We have also asked that Members and Guests register to attend any weekends when Four Quarters events are scheduled, as well some outside events.

A result of this growth in the schedule has been to "put the squeeze" on Members and Guests who want to use the Land for its purest purpose. As a natural Sanctuary for reflection, and a weekend break from city life. We want to encourage this kind of use by the Membership.

With these needs in mind the Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new policy for event weekends at Four Quarters. With the exception of the events listed below, all other weekends at Four Quarters are Open Weekends.
Members and Guests may be on the Land and camp in the Members Camp,
without registering for that weekends event!

The Four Quarters event weekends where event registration is mandatory are:
* Beltaine
* Drum and Splash
* Stones Rising
* Samhain and Yule
Event registration is also required for WickerMan, and access to the Stone Circle will be restricted during the SpiralHeart Summer Intensive.

All other event weekends are Open Weekends where Members and Guests may be on the Land and camp in The Members Camp for the usual overnight grounds fees of $5 Members and $10 Guests.

We do ask that campers not registered for the weekends event respect the privacy of the event attendees, and confine themselves to the Stone Circle and Lower Camp, where they will have access to the Lower Shower House throughout the weekend. We think the honor system will work just fine in this regard. The water and power systems will be operated every weekend morning and evening; check the office for posted times when you sign in.