Samhain at Four Quarters

Friday November 1st - Sunday November 3rd, 2024
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The Stones stand tall, holding vigil as night falls.
The Ancestors' Crypt is open, lit by candles and steeped in memory.
We stand together, in Circle, and we remember...

It is now the time of Transition; the start of the Dark Time of the year when the veil is thin.
A traditional time of remembering All Those Who Have Gone Before and honoring their lives.

This is the time when we draw close to the hearth fires, standing with our brothers and sisters for warmth and companionship against the gathering cold.

    As the veil between the Worlds twists and thins in the chilly night air, we gather once again to celebrate Samhain at Four Quarters. 

Join us in our Samhain Observances...

Details from 2023...this year's details to follow shortly!


Samhain 2023 at Four Quarters will feature four major ceremonies, including a challenging midnight ceremony for the truly mad among us! We will feature expanded Children's programming, Labyrinth Dig, Saturday Afternoon Sweat Lodge, and all of your meals are included, because we recognize that breaking bread together forms the bonds of community and honors all that which makes us truly human. On Sunday we will be closing Sweat Camp for the season – willing hands very welcome. [ Scroll down to view the Draft Schedule ]

So, in the Circle on the Hill, we will celebrate Persephone and Hades, and the bargain that ensures that the Seasons will continue. Won't you join us and add your magic to ours?

Friday evening light Dinner, Saturday and Sunday Continental Brunch, and Saturday evening Feast are all a part of your registration.

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        $65 for Non-Members

To Register, visit our Shopping Cart above or call the Office: 814-784-3080

Sharing food is sharing Community
All meals are included in your registration!
       But your donation is apprediated! $10 a meal about covers costs.

         Dinner: Friday;   Brunch / Feast of the Dead: Saturday;   Brunch:  Sunday
           We can accommodate vegetarian and gluten free, let us know when you register.

           Our meals are hearty and all-you-can-eat, but...  do bring high energy snacks for in-between times!

     Call the office at 814-784-3080 with your questions or to RSVP / register.
                   Late Registrations, CALL US!
                   Handicapped, Special Circumstances? CALL US!

You are welcome to arrive before Wednesday and stay later than Monday.
Early In and Late Out camping is $10 a night for Members and $15 a night for non-members.

In-Camp Car Camping Permits are $15 each. (your vehicle must remain stationary)
In-Camp Car Parking Passes are $25 and very limited. (you may enter and leave camp with your vehicle.
Unlimited free Main Parking.   RV hook-ups, contact our office.

Handicapped? Please contact us for your free In-Camp parking pass.

Lodging at Four Quarters -  Call the office to inquire. 
Rooms have double-beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets. 
Must call the Office to reserve. 814-784-3080.


    “Let us make future generations remember us as proud ancestors
just as, today, we remember our  forefathers.”

– Roh Moo-hyun

The Labyrinth

To walk our labyrinth is to walk a purposeful path – no obstacles, no puzzles – inward to the center, then outward into the world.

Griffith LabApr2019 6603 1200crop3The Labyrinth, showing the most recent pathway stones.