Moon Services
There are no fees for attending Moon Services at Four Quarters. If you share our Saturday evening Church Supper, your donation is greatly appreciated.

Grounds Fees
Over night camping is $10 for Members and $15 for non-members. Grounds Fees are waived for Staff and Promoting Members. There is no charge for a day trip visit, although your donation is appreciated. We are happy to run our camp power and water system during off weekends, and are happy to “power up” by request.

Sleeping Accommodations and Fees
The “Loft” by the Farmhouse has six bunkbed berths, 2 rooms with double beds, WiFi, showers and toilets. Bunks and bedrooms have all bedding

The “Sleeping Dorm” in camp is available with 8 bunkbed berths, provided only with matresses and fitted sheets. It also has 8 bedrooms with double beds and all bedding.

Bunkbeds are $10 a night for Members, $15 a night for non-members.
Bedrooms are $35 a night.
During events with meal plans, meal plan registration is required for accomodation.
Please call to reserve your accomodation. As always, we open our private quarters to visitors for special circumstances.

About Automobiles
We would prefer to have no vehicles of any kind in camp, but that really isn’t possible. Here is our compromise until we figure out how to do away with cars altogether!
Persons with Handicapped placards should contact the office for their FREE parking pass.

Members may purchase an Auto Membership Placard; First Year $60, Renewal $50. The placard is good with any vehicle, and allows that vehicle to be parked in the Big Bottom Members Camp during fee paid events. Only cars with Auto Memberships may park in the Members Camp during events. Friends who camp together often pitch in to buy one to share.
The High Meadow In-Camp Parking Area adjacent to The Coffee Dragons is available on a first come, first serve basis during fee paid events. Parking for the duration of the event is typically $25.
These are the only two legal ways to park a car within camp during an event.
On Moon Service and Off Weekends, Members may park in the Members Camp at no charge and the High Meadow In-Camp Parking Area is free for everyone.

Car Camping, RVs and Seasonal RV Camps.
We do have some accomodation for Car Camping, small and large RVs. Call for details

Car Camping and small RVs under 22 feetare placed in the East End of the High Meadow, and must remain stationary during the event. Permits are $15 during fee paid events for marked areas of the High Meadow. During Moon Service and Off Weekends there is no charge.
• We can handle some larger in camp RVs during festivals, their permits are $25. Large RVs placed in Main Parking are free.
Members Seasonal RV/Trailer Camping Sites are available and may be registered for $300 for the season.

Camp Fires and Fire Permits
We can provide you with our small steel Fire Rings for the weekend; 20 lb bags of firewood are available for purchase.

Tent Permits and Storage
Please note: Winter weather will collapse your tent! Downed tents will be removed after Beltaine Weekend.

Members may create seasonal camps in the Big Bottom Members Camp. Any tarp or tent left standing after your visit must carry a permit. Less than 150 square feet is $20 for the season; less than 300 sq ft are $40; less than 450 sq ft are $60.
Members may rent lockable 4x8x8 ft storage units located by the offices, $140 per year.

Tent Platforms
Members use of tent platforms is encouraged. Properly placed and constructed, platforms have the potential for minimizing the damage to the Earth and vegetation, especially when placed on sloping ground.

Platform Ownership
All platforms are the property of the Four Quarters. The Member that constructs the platform will have use of the platform for the first three years (beginning the year of ground breaking) with no rental fee. Afterwards, the Member has the right to renew their use of the platform by paying the platform fee with their Membership Renewal.
Platform Fees and Location
The fees for each platform are $0.60 per sq ft per season; on a site otherwise unsuitable for a tent (slope greater than 5 degrees). Fees include the seasonal fee for any tent or tarp placed on the platform . The location, size and design of all platforms must be approved by a representative of the Board of Directors before any construction starts. 

To purchase many of the above fees and services,  please contact our office at 814-784-3080 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.