Spring Returns to the Land!

Colored ribbons dreaming of flight.

Hands put to the task.

A union of opposites, the May Pole rises.

Dance, Dance... Where ever you may be!

Spring's Bubbles and Butterflies!

Spring is with us!

A fresh Spring's offerings of flowers.

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Our Return to the Land!
Friday May 3rd - Sunday, May 5th, 2024
Four Quarters, Artemas, PA

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NEW: All four meals are included in your registration! Community, one bite at a time!

MayPoleDance.... Balefire burns in our bellies and The Maypole rises to reach new heights while Drummers and Dancers unite as one....

.... It is time to return to the Land, to dance, to sing, and bless the Land and its People with our love of Life and Fertility....

         Beltaine Highlights! 

Full Updated Draft 2024 schedule below...

-- Friday evening: World Labyrinth Day Workshop, Guided Labyrinth Walk, and First Fire Opening Ceremony
-- Saturday morning: Planting the North Copse Curbing Stones,  First Sweat Lodge of the Season and Workshops Galore!
-- Saturday afternoon: Preparing the Maypole/Wreath/Ribbons, Many Workshops, Annual Tea Party, and the Maypole Dance!
-- Saturday evening: Beltaine Feast, and Beltaine Ceremony followed by Open Fire Circle
-- Sunday morning: Seed Stone Pull and Raising by the Children's Stone Crew, and Closing Ritual 

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"Now the green blade riseth, from the buried grain; Wheat that in dark earth, many days has lain..."

Join us for our annual homecoming as we celebrate the Sweetness of Spring!

It’s Beltaine at Four Quarters! As the Land awakens, we return for a weekend of renewal!

  The season of hibernation is at its end, and nature's sprouts and buds inspire joyful fecundity! It is time for playful activity and growth to begin, time to bless the Land and its People with love of life and fertility… to greet friends you haven’t seen all winter long, and welcome new friends first on the Land… to share in communion of this sweet and beautiful space.

We want to the see the beauty of flowers everywhere we turn! 
Please pick up a grocery store bouquet or two on your way, and drop them off at the buckets by the Coffee Dragons. 

E Preston at FQF Spring

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Registration Information: Pre-Registration Deadline is April 13th.
   Friday Arrival: Member's Pre Registration: $75; 
   Guest Pre-Registration: $95; Gate Registration: $110

   Saturday Arrival: Guest Pre-Registration: $80; Gate Registration: $90
                Children Under 16 are Loved, Cherished, and Free!

All Meals are included in your registration!
Friday Dinner - Saturday Brunch - The Beltaine Feast - Sunday Brunch
Because Sharing Food Shares Community!
Your donations are appreciated - $10 a meal about covers costs.
     Vegetarian options are available - Please call our office.

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Got Questions? Need help? Your Questions are Welcome!Call the office: 814-784-3080.
Promoting Members RSVP's, Accommodations, Auto, Fire and Tent permits: call the office.

As Always you are welcome to arrive before Friday and stay after Sunday.
Early-In, Late-Out Camping $10/night for Members, $15/night for guests!

Lodging at Four Quarters - Call the office to inquire.
Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets. During events rooms and bunks are booked for the duration of the event. You must call the office for reservations: 814-784-3080.

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NEW! Draft 2024 Beltaine Schedule

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Beltaine Sun.jpg___________________________________________________

Updated 5/1/2024

For more information on World Labyrinth Day visit https://www.worldlabyrinthday.org/