July 15, 2017

PSA #3 regarding our Norovirus Outbreak

Four Quarters wants to thank those who have constructively stated their concerns, and we are now able to provide the following updated information:

* The infectious agent that caused the outbreak of GI illnesses in June has been positively identified as Norovirus, a highly contagious social disease of the GI tract.

* We have coliform and norovirus contamination in the bore of our In-Camp well; however this contamination is effectively treated by our 4log chlorination systems. This is the same way contaminated city water is treated, tested and passed for consumption. Our drinking water continues to pass all testing.
* Our Hilltop well, drilled Feb 2017, has been tested by PA DEP with final approval pending. We expect it to be supplying the entire camp very soon.
* Until this new well is permitted we are under a BOILED WATER ADVISORY, and are providing bottled water for those who prefer to use it.
* Our kitchen is inspected and licensed for operation.
* Our septic system is inspected and passed. Our new filtration tank with automatic controls to catch flushed objects from the Upper Shower house is inspected, passed and in operation, replacing the baffle box that was previously located near the kitchen.
* All attendees are now given a printed health booklet, attend a brief health workshop and are quizzed on public health practices and their personal health; BEFORE they are admitted to registration. These policies will continue.
* Both our Drum & Splash and Spiral Heart events have proceeded normally.

As has been posted previously to this thread, Norovirus outbreaks happen in closed social situations everywhere. According to the CDC, 685 Million people worldwide get it each year. We recommend you visit their website as they have a number of helpful resources: (https://www.cdc.gov/norovirus/index.html)

Please rest assured that we are concerned with timely action to assure the health and safety of our guests, often at the expense of an instant response on social media. Please reach out to us via phone if you need any further assistance.

Carrie Krystek
President, Board of Directors
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary