May 16, 2017
Flower of Life

This weekend: Flower of Life Festival!!

SweatLodgeThe Four Quarters Sweat Lodge will be on the Land one night of the Flower of Life Festival.
-- Sweat Lodge at Flower of Life 2017 (Sunset Fri Eve 5/19)

By request, the Four Quarters Sweat Lodge team will be offering a Sweat Lodge Ceremony on Friday Evening. The Sweat Lodge ceremony is traditional purification, healing, and prayer ceremony, provided by 4Q facilitators for our guests. All are welcome. However for safety reasons, NO INTOXICANTS please, and we recommend participants be well hydrated. We also respectfully request that moontime (menstruating) women please excuse themselves. Come down to the Sweat Lodge site at sunset. Feel free to visit the Sweat Lodge Site if you have any questions or just to take in the vibe.