July 2, 2017

As posted on the BigDub FaceBook Group Page

KikiwawaThe Board of Directors of Four Quarters InterFaith is considering whether or not to proceed with hosting Big Dub. The risk factors that are always present in hosting any event only increase in the face of incendiary Facebook posts. This post is an experiment to determine if Facebook can be used to build community, rather than destroy it. This is our own attempt to save Big Dub.

  For 23 years Four Quarters InterFaith has provided Sanctuary for sub-cultures that are marginalized by the mainstream. Since 1997, we have defended in court the right of Gay Men to gather in prayer, the right of Native Americans to worship, and the right of same sex persons to marry. Since 2003 we have hosted outdoor EDM events, long before that music went mainstream. In 2015 we set new Pennsylvania case law when we won the legal right for a church to be defined as Land, and the right to religious privacy on that Land.

  For seven years we have hosted Big Dub, and watched with pride as participation evolved to the point that most of our young permanent staff now come to us through EDM. It is with the deepest reluctance that we now consider cancelling this event.  But, your input as a community may be able to sway that decision with our proposed changes that you will see later in this post.

  Finally, Chad Bozzarelli recently suffered a near fatal car accident, with severe, lasting concussion. He has bravely carried on and deserves your support and understanding.

  Information conveyed in previous PSA's will not be repeated here.
 *  The infectious agent of two weekends ago has been positively identified as Norovirus, a highly contagious social disease of the GI tract.
  * Our kitchen is inspected and licensed for operation.
  * Our septic system is inspected and passed. We are installing a new filtration tank with automatic controls to catch flushed objects from the Upper Shower house. This tank should be operational within ten days.
  * We have coliform and norovirus contamination in our well bore. This contamination is effectively treated by our chlorination systems and our drinking water continues to pass all testing, just as contaminated city water is treated, tested and passed for consumption.
  * Our Hilltop well, drilled Feb 2017, is now being pumped and will be tested by PA DEP this coming week. It should be operational in ten days.
  * Until this well is permitted we are under a BOILED WATER ADVISORY, and are providing bottled water for those who prefer to use it.
  * All attendees are now given a printed health booklet, attend a brief health workshop and are quizzed on public health practices; BEFORE they are admitted to registration. This policy will continue.

  Every festival attendee should recognize the very real personal risk taken on by their organizers. In fact many attendees assume that they are no longer responsible for the consequences of their own choices, and that those consequences will be "taken care of" by the event organizers.

 Risk takes many forms. Communicable social diseases are pertinent to this discussion. But to an organizer, there are other risks of much greater concern. As we have seen with other festivals, and through our own experiences; Stages can and do collapse. Venues that sell bottled water have increased rates of heat exhaustion, which when combined with synthetic drug use can and does kill. Attendees under the influence of synthetics can become violent, draining vital staff resources. Various sub-cultures carry with them their own unique risks, based on their own social values. And then there is just random bad luck. Trees fall over and crush tents, critical equipment breaks down, exceptional weather events flood camps. All of these individual risks combine to create a total risk picture.

 From our point of view, the total risk of continuing to host Big Dub may be greater than the benefit.

 Community exists when we are so deeply committed to its benefits that we will fight to preserve it, even in the face of hardship. It is an open question if such a community exists, or can exist, within Big Dub. If such a community is to exist, it can only do so if every person takes on personal responsibility to nurture and defend that community through their own personal choices. 

  From the point of view of The Board of Directors of Four Quarters InterFaith, community is the only path forward, and your demonstration that a community exists at Big Dub, is the only possible way we will permit Big Dub to be held on the Land that we Love.

  Chad Bozzarelli cannot save Big Dub. Four Quarters cannot save Big Dub. Only you can save Big Dub, and only by embracing the following five agreements.
  * I take responsibility for my choices, and I will make choices that support my community.
  * I take responsibility for the choices of others, and I will actively help them make good choices.
  * I will respect the Land. I will keep it clean and help others to do so, because The Land Is My Spiritual Home.
  * I see and respect the work and risk taken on by the organizers on my behalf, and I will support them in every way possible.
  * I am a part of The Big Dub Community, and it is only by my choices that I will save it, or lose it.

  Discussion on this page is only open to Four Quarters Members, Big Dub Veterans, or current ticket holders. It is our expectation that discussion will self moderate to exclude others. We will watch this discussion very closely over the next few days to determine if your support of The Five Agreements is in fact evidence that community does exist at Big Dub.

  We will announce our decision at noon,  on Wednesday the 5th of July."