July 5, 2017

As posted on the BigDub FaceBook Group Page

Kikiwawa Sometimes in the work of operating a very progressive church we have very bad days. We have certainly had such days recently. And sometimes we have very good days, with the last three days of positive affirmation, love and understanding on this FaceBook page being very good days indeed.

 We, The Board of Directors of Four Quarters InterFaith, challenged you to shoulder part of the risk of hosting an event like Big Dub, and we feel you have accepted that challenge. We challenged you to broaden your circle of responsibility with the Five Agreements, and you have enthusiastically embraced them. And we challenge you again...

 If there is to be a Big Dub 2018, then this years Big Dub MUST be the finest ever. And that is not a matter that will be realized by Four Quarters or Chad Bozzerelli. It will be created by you and the Community that you create. When you reach deep inside to find that best part of yourself and share it with everyone you meet. When you care for your fellows just as you would care for yourself. When you understand that how you Care For The Land is how you walk your talk... and make it real.

 So Big Dub 2017 is on. Bring it on! With the prettiest and most inviting Theme Camps. Personal campsites as spotless as your Grandmothers Parlor. Stunning Deco and personal costumes. With rings on your fingers and bells on your toes you are Big Dub.  With your Love, Light and Laughter... Let It Shine!

 We are announcing here some basic changes that have been in the works for since last years Big Dub including the creation of The Department of Health and Happiness, for which we will be seeking dedicated Staff Volunteers. We will be making additional announcements as Big Dub 2017 approaches, but for now please take note:

 * Upon arrival all staff and attendees MUST attend a short Health and Happiness Workshop, and demonstrate their knowledge, BEFORE their tickets are processed
 * In a decision long planned, we will limit this years BigDub tickets to 2,400; about 2/3rds of last years sales.
 * We will limit campers into Main Camp to 1,500 tickets; again about 2/3rds of last year.
 * Our scheduled Hill Top merchants and activities will be relocated to Main Camp. Shuttle service to Hill Top will continue.
 * We are opening a car camping option in the Hill Top Camp. 
 * We will limit sewage flows to 3,600 gallons daily. On our peak Saturday usage this may require limiting flush toilets and/or showers. Extra potties and handwash stations will be provided for this possibility.
 * We will aggressively track, document, arrest and prosecute anyone who threatens our community by attempting to sell contraband into our community.

 "There is more to being family, than breath and blood alone;
 We are all one Tribe together, in a ring of Standing Stones."
     -The Four Quarters Anthem