July 17, 2017
Epidemiological Survey
Epidemiology   Working with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, we encourage you to participate in the following questionnaire, developed by the Bureau of Epidemiology. Because of our communications resources, Four Quarters is in a rare opportunity to assist in the collection of significant first hand data, which is the life blood of epidemiological detective work.

    If you attended Fires Rising, WickerMan or MadTea Party, we urge you to complete this questionnaire; even if you have contacted the Health Dept previously.
    If you never fell ill, it is even more important to participate; as your good luck and healthy habits provide an important baseline within the statistics.
    The questionnaire will expand as you make entries, to allow you to focus on detail areas pertinent to your experiences.

    "In order to better understand the gastrointestinal illness outbreaks that occurred at the Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology, is asking that all attendees of Fires Rising, Wickerman Burn, or the Mad Tea Party Jam complete the questionnaire linked below.
    Please fill out this form whether or not you became ill and even if you already contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Health to report your illness.
It should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Please encourage others who attended these events to complete the questionnaire as well. All questions are voluntary and any information you provide will be kept confidential.
    Thank you in advance for your participation.
Pennsylvania Department of Health
Bureau of Epidemiology