August 9, 2017
PSA #4: Four Quarters Launches the “Health and Happiness Program”

Four Quarters wants to thank those who have been diligently working over the last 2 months to expand our Norovirus prevention protocols, and to prevent future outbreaks. Due to the hard work of Staff, Volunteers and Attendees, we are pleased to report the following:

  • No cases of Norovirus have been reported since June 24. This includes 3 Church Service weekends and 3 events, including our largest one in late July when almost 3,000 people were on the Land.
  • Four Quarters has instituted a “Health and Happiness” protocol: all persons entering the Land are given a printed booklet followed by a brief seminar focused on public health practices, and are quizzed on the information conveyed before being allowed to register.
  • Additional handwash stations are set up throughout camp near portapotty stations. Attendees have demonstrated exceptional compliance with our Health and Happiness protocols; including reminding each other to “wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.” In fact, attendees are reporting that they now implement these principles when they return home after events.
  • Our very dedicated team of Staff and Volunteers has enhanced their schedule and equipment used to clean and sanitize all toilets, portapotties, sinks, hard surfaces and other areas during events… a special thanks go out to them.

  • Event attendees are encouraged to take and use free spray bottles of 10-1 bleach spray to keep their own sites clean and sanitized. 

  • A formal protocol has been developed to treat individuals who develop GI symptoms, including quarantine and decontamination of their site, which prevents further spread of any viral GI illness. The PA Department of Epidemiology observed this protocol and agrees it is very effective.

  • Our Hilltop well has completed final permitting by the PA Department of Environmental Protection and supplies the camp with 4log chlorinated water, which passes all required testing. Special thanks to the 4QF Staff who worked around the clock for three weeks to make this happen.

  • We ask everyone to continue to be diligent with public health prevention measures, especially handwashing, as there are many outbreaks of Norovirus in our region this season: 
Doctors warn long-lasting viral stomach bug spreading through Central Pa.

Stomach "Flu" Hits the Region 
These last few weeks have demonstrated what can be accomplished when Staff, Volunteers and Attendees work together to achieve community. We remind everyone to embrace the Five Agreements:

* I take responsibility for my choices, and I will make choices that support my community.

* I take responsibility for the choices of others, and I will actively help them make good choices.

* I will respect the Land. I will keep it clean and help others to do so, because The Land Is My Spiritual Home.

* I see and respect the work and risk taken on by the organizers on my behalf, and I will support them in every way possible.

* I am a part of the Four Quarters community, and it is only by my choices that I will preserve it.

Please reach out to us by phone with any questions you may have. 
Carrie Krystek
President, Board of Directors
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary