August 18, 2017
Four Quarters Church Moon Service, Saturday, August 19, 2017

partial solar eclipse cloudsIn Service: Students of the 2017 class of Stone Circle Wicca

Ritual of the dark Moon and eclipsed Sun: 

In two days, the Moon will be dark and the Sun will be eclipsed. We are passing through times of darkness, both literal and metaphorical.  Come explore the power and transformation possible in periods of liminal light.  We will be working ceremony by the river bank, and together we will send our prayers with the waters flowing through Four Quarters joining the waters of the Potomac, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic. We hope to see you there!
Church Meal at 6:30 pm and Moon Service at 8:00 pm.
NOTE:  There is a closed and private event in camp this weekend, hosted by an outside group.  To respect their privacy, the moon service meal and ritual will take place at or near the Farmhouse.  If you are planning on camping, call ahead to the 4QF Office to learn about camping restrictions.
For any questions about food or ritual, please contact Aase on behalf of the Stone Circle Wicca class.
Thank you,
Aase, Mason, Taraxacum and Danni