Oct 24, 2017

Circe's Piddle of Puppies!


Did you know that a plurality of puppies is called a Piddle? Neither did I, but the name sure is appropriate.

Circe delivered her litter about 10 days ago, now a Piddle of Puppies, and the little group of rug rats has be very busy squealing, nursing, growing and... piddling.

We have 3 Females and 2 Males in the litter. Farmer Carol (SycamoreSpringFarm.org), the Kennel Mistress from whom Seamus and Circe were both whelped, from will have stud right first pick of the litter. Then we offer the pups to Four Quarters Members at $500 each. Those not reserved will be placed with Farmer Carol at twice that price. We have one commitment from a Member who will have second choice after Carol, if you would like one of these pups please contact the office and let us know. We will allow physical picks beginning their sixth week in the order that reservations were received, and they will be going to their new homes after the eighth week.

Circe 1

A brief word about the breed. The American Stock Dog, also known as The English Shepard; is the survival of the prototypical farm dog of 1820's America. They are very people oriented and unlikely to roam. A clean coat and mid size of 50 pounds, with Black and White principle marking with sometimes a Brown mask, fetching mottles of the fore-limbs and "feathering" around the head and hind-limbs. They are a handsome dog.


Rather intelligent, they have enough natural herding instinct to be great with children and other animals, but not so much as to be a bother (think insane Border Collie). They are an ideal personal and family dog. Circe is full blood with papers, from a line of champions, as is the sire Mr. Bowser Boy. You will be very pleased with their pups.