Nov 3, 2017

Putting the Campground to bed

Jon fixing bulldozer2

    As the days grow short and the wind blows cold to chill the bones, it's time to
shut down the campground for the year. Samhain is behind us, and individual camp
sites are packed away.

    The camp water system will be shut down and the lines drained to guard against damage
to pipes from freezing temperatures.  Tops of 10 x 10's and 10 x 20's are taken down and
packed away to protect them from snow and ice. Pavilions shall be struck and stowed.
    Maintenance, an important off-season activity, has already started on camp tractors and vehicles.

    The quiet, contemplative season of the year has arrived. Hiking in camp has
an entirely different feel now. Peaceful and slow.

    Fare thee well, 2017 Season.

    See you at Yule, Tribe of Four Quarters!