Feb 12, 2018

How to Host a Moon Service at Four Quarters

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Our Moon Service Circles are organized and led each month by invited guests or volunteers from our Membership. In taking responsibility for leading Circle they are able to grow in their own spirituality, and by inviting others to assist them, they make a place for those with less experience to grow as well.

We encourage you to consider bringing your spirituality to Four Quarters. All it takes is an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to call 814-784-3080 and claim an open Moon Service date. The Moon Service schedule is here:

Moon Services are on Saturday evenings after the Church Supper that is also prepared by volunteers; sharing this Saturday dinner together is a part of our ongoing tradition. Usually the Supper is at 5 or 6:00pm, and the Moon Service is held an hour or so thereafter.

Many Moon Services follow a Wiccan framework, but we have hosted Fire Circles, Bardic Circles, Druid ceremonies, Friends Meetings, Asatru Sumbels and Native American Pipe Ceremonies as well, (just to name a few).

Some things to think about when undertaking a Moon Service:

1. Many people practice alone, but different mechanics are needed when there is a group. Think about what you want the celebrants to say or do, if anything, during your ceremony. If celebrants are doing something, can you structure things so that several people can do it at once so time doesn't drag out? We recommend a Moon Service to be between 20 to 30 minutes long, depending on the Tradition represented.  If it is a long Service, can celebrants leave and/or return to the ceremony if they need to? It really helps those who tire easily. Perhaps chairs are a good idea.

2. Consider writing down your ceremony beforehand, including the words you want to say, to help you when we are all in circle together.

3. Bring your friends and give them parts in the ceremony. It can be lots of fun and less stressful to share the speaking/action parts.

4. Think about the ceremonial Working or Magical Intent.  What is the point of the ceremony? What do you want celebrants to get out of it? Once you figure that out, don't be afraid to speak that Intent out loud during the ritual, so people know what's expected.

5. Enjoy the ceremony, feel the meaning of the ceremony, and take joy in sharing your Truth with others!  As we sometimes say at the beginning of a ritual: "Four Quarters is an Interfaith Sanctuary - we recognize all paths as true and valid. We welcome all earnest seekers of Truth. But we are a pragmatic people - we know that there are more paths, more truths then there are stars in the sky. So I ask you: knowing that your path is not my path - your truth is not my truth, will you join me in this circle of Standing Stones, that we might share our truths?"
     I hope you will say "Yes!"

Interested in volunteering for ceremony at Four Quarters by still not sure how to proceed? Call me, PittyPat, at 814-784-3080 and I can help. Or send me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..