August 6, 2018

Nightmare at Four Quarters: From the Treasurer

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Hi All!

Orren here.

Having personally survived the late 80's and early 90's peak of the neo-pagan scene, I can tell you these young people are more decent than my own peer group was during their own youth. It should be noted that at this point 50% of our new memberships and new staff come to us through the young people first attracted to Four Quarters through EDM events. We began doing EDM in 2003, we now reap the fruits. The numbers tell the story:

Samhain Peak Attendance 2007 @ 145, 2017 @ 117
Yule Peak Attendance 2004 @ 75, 2017 @ 44

And we are one of the very last organizations that do any kind of traditional Samhain or Yule. Why? Because what is past, is past, and these kids are the future. Think of it! Traditional Samhain in the Stone Circle. And new Samhain ceremony for 2,000+ in New Camp! It makes my heart soar!

NightMare has a 7 year history, with working kids scheduling their vacation days months in advance in order to attend this event. Harford County knew this when they passed their ordinance 5 days before ticket sales were to start. NightMare either found a venue on their scheduled date, or NightMare would die. It's that simple. It was planned to be that way.

Beginning in 1997 I began spending time as a guest of the Bedford Court defending gay men's right to pray together, Native Americans right to stick tree branches through their chest muscles and dance for 7 days, women's rights to go topless, our right to play drums all night, and much else besides that people now take for granted. Most recently I have spent 18 months of my life defending this Church in court, and walking out of trial just 2 days ago.

If Harford County in their bigotry no longer makes these young people welcome because of what is plain-and-simple social profiling... then I will personally go to the mat for these kids. And I call on you to join me!


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