August 6, 2018


IMG 3470

Stoneledge, Sideling Hill Creek. Photo by Kurt Griffith

To all our Members and friends. 

There is a scheduled Board Of Directors Meeting at Four Quarters, 10AM Saturday, August 11, 2018.

Normally these affairs are largely paperwork and procedural and involve a lot of t-dotting and i-crossing. On this occasion, we would like to invite interested Members to join us to share their opinions and concerns and get some insight into our planning and strategies for the upcoming events. It is important to us that we hear from you. There are considerable organizational and logistical challenges involved, and hearing from our Church and Farm Members helps us make better plans.

Despite the relatively short notice, we welcome your presence and participation. To make this all work in a good way, we will need all hands on deck, and the rolled-up sleeves, imagination, spiritual expertise, and compassionate hearts of each and every one of you.

Kurt Griffith
Board of Directors

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