October 14, 2018


Bachteler 2647 RogerG2017 2 600x800

Roger Grandstaff, President Emeritus – Photo: W Bachteler

It is with great pride and deep appreciation that the Board of Directors welcomes back our past President Roger Grandstaff, who is returning to serve as a Seated Member of the Board of Directors in the capacity of President Emeritus. His deep wisdom, experience, and history of service are especially welcome.

We also wish to thank Missy Ford, Tim McGowan, and Jon Noll, who have resigned as Member’s Advocates, for their years of service to the Board, Church, Farm and the Stones.

All seven seats in the Board of Directors are now occupied by:

Carrie Krystek, President
Kailin Miller, Past President, Holder of Episcopal Veto
Roger Grandstaff, President Emeritus

Orren Whiddon, Treasurer, CoS
Mike McConnell, Executive Officer, CoS
Kurt Griffith

Ivy Sturm, CoS

Mark Hargeaves remains on medical leave of absence.

The Board of Directors
Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary