Februrary 17, 2019

2019 Wheel of the Year on Press & Schedule-At-A-Glance Available!

WoTY2019 underConstruction 1200The 2019 Edition of the Wheel of the Year under construction in Adobe InDesign.

We have spent much of the past few months busily at work on the 2019 edition of our Wheel of the Year Desk Calendar, and are happy to announce it has gone to press and should be headed for your eager hands very soon, with general distribution shortly following!

Our coffee-addled den of crazed ferrets that is our 2019 Wheel of the Year Production Team has been sequestered away ignoring snow and ice storms to hammer together as many of the coming year's event dates as we could procure, cajole, threaten, or torture out of various interested parties and event leads to get the coming year’s schedule fleshed out. We’ve also been pulling together our other content from whatever slow-moving authors and volunteers who didn’t have their coffee and run fast enough. Even though he has a home-based studio, Kurt is looking forward to seeing his family again.

The Wheel of the Year is full of information, news, our Member’s and hosted events, articles, and all about Four Quarters. This year’s edition includes a revived and expanded Age of Limits section, and the really truly epic years-long tale of our Road Adventures. We’re even bigger this year, weighing in at 76 pages! If you would like a copy mailed to you free of charge, request a copy here or contact the Office. 814 784-3080

We are also very aware that in these uncertain times, our Membership and visitors must begin to plan the coming year well in advance. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to make plans into the coming year, we have to secure those all-important vacation days. We plan over the Fall and Winter as far as eighteen months out and the process is complex. As we have done in recent years, we’ve digested the year’s schedule in to a Schedule at a Glance that we can release while ink meets paper.

All 2019 calendar dates are effective as of January 2019, and are subject to change, Zombie Apocalypse, Climate Catastrophe and the whims of mischievous Gods – but we're expect that they are pretty solid. You can always contact the Office to verify or with any questions.

For your printing and posting pleasure, you can Download the Calendar At A Glance. (High Quality PDF file) here.

Because we’re thinking of you,
– 2019 Wheel of the Year Team

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