March 11, 2019

The Members Muse in Waiting

Preparing the Members Muse mailing | Griffith March 2019

Preparing the Members Muse mailing


The 2019 Members Muse is, even as I type, being prepped for our annual Members Mailing. It will hit the mails as soon as we receive our shipment of 2019 Wheel of the Year calendars, also ink hitting paper even as I type. Generally we arrange to have our bulk mailing of calendars go out while we prepare the Muse for our Members Mailing, so if you’ve gotten a request in by … um… mid-February, your Wheel may already be on the way!

This year’s Member’s Muse is a rather special, sizable, and hopefully unique effort. We felt it was important to address this past season and how we hope to approach going forward into the new season. We’ve taken a great deal of time and effort to do precisely that for our Members. We expect it will on the way very soon! We cling to our honor system and you’ll receive 2019 Membership Cards, but other than you Lifetime Members, it’s up to you to renew your Memberships for the new season.

Of course  whether you are a Member or not, you can always Request a Calendar and we’re happy to get one to you! They’re free! If you have an organization, outlet, shop, what have you, contact us at the office and we’ll arrange to get you a box, or boxes!

There are also puppies! More to come!

– Kurt Griffith