March 20, 2019

Equinox Full Moon, Puppies, & Spring

GriffithMar2017 2232 800x600

The Ancestor Altar and the Western arc of the Stone Circle.

  Vernal Equinox Full Moon Service

Join us on Saturday, March 23, as we celebrate Balance and the turning of the Wheel at the Vernal Equinox. Ceremony will take place at 4pm in the Stone Circle (with favorable weather), followed by Church Supper. Kailin Miller & Daniel MacNeal in service.

Thanks, and see you soon!


When we last looked, Ms Circe was very very pregnant, since that time, she has dropped a impressive litter of no less than ELEVEN little guys, reminiscent of 101 Dalmations. And of course like young people of any species, they are eating like little machines, and growing like weeds.

Griffith PuppyEyes Mar2019 4217 800x600


Griffith FeedinTime Mar2019 4219 800x600

Our breeder, who brought us Seamus, Circe and Copper is going to have a look at the wee beasties, and will probably claim first pick. After that, we’ll be entertaining adoption inquires. We’re very happy to place farm dogs in good homes. Do call the office or email us for more information.

Spring in the Mountains

 Griffith Runoff Mar2019 4227 1200x700 Sideling Hill Creek swollen with runoff from Winter snows at the Rt. 484 crossing. March 2019.

The weather also does seem to have turned around with the promise of imminent spring. We recently had a day where there were regional temperatures into the 50s and 60s. Of course all that rain and snow has to go someplace. We’re very much hoping that things will dry out and we can get on with all the projects large and small, and regular maintenance that go into sustaining The Land for the 2019 season.  Do come out to welcome Spring at the Farm at our next full moon, March 23.

Oh wait? Stop children, what’s that sound? Love-stomping high heeled boys? Not even close. I think that was boxes of 2019 Wheel of The Year Calendars landing at our door. Huzzah!

 – Kalin Miller, Kurt Griffith