April 29, 2019

Interesting Project!

DSC 4104 800x600

This thing... might have something to do with that other thing.

If you’ve been following our news posts, we dangled a teaser for you good folks last time. But anyone who’s been about Four Quarters any amount of time knows that we do from time to time build stuff. Bunkhouses, Kitchens, Shower houses, Dining Pavilions, Stone Circles... Typically these are improvements to the camp to make things more comfortable for Members, guests and visitors and make the camp more efficient and safer to operate.

Sometimes our projects take a bit longer to bring into fruition than others. This is one we’ve been cooking for quite a while. But it’s been something we’ve been talking about, planing, and wanting to do pretty much since the purchase of New Camp. Well, the project is finally off the ground – literally – and under way. It’s part of a set of initiatives to help bring about things members have been asking for for a long time.

We’re not going to totally spill on this gorgeous insantiy just yet. We’ll be talking about this project, and more at Beltaine. Come on out, and don’t miss the Members Meeting! Prepare to be amazed!

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