May 6, 2019

Four Quarters is pleased to announce “Rainbow Bridge.”


The Rainbow Bridge arcs across Sideling Hill Creek connecting Main and New Camp.

This 210 foot long cable suspension bridge soars through the tall Tulip Poplar trees of the Big Bottom's river bank, to land 30 feet above water level in New Camp's Old Forest area. The two halves of the hidden valley that is Four Quarters are now permanently connected, making the place where "A river runs through it," whole and complete.

Planning for Rainbow Bridge has always been an integral part of our risky decision to purchase New Camp in 2015. Design work began that year with final engineering surveys completed in the summer of 2018. Structural steel orders were placed in October of 2018 and we broke ground the first week of March, 2019. A full photo essay of the construction of Rainbow Bridge will be published shortly.

The bridge reduces loading on Main Camp and gives us much greater flexibility in planning ceremonies and events of any size, using both banks of the river. Members and guests can now walk the entirety of Four Quarters 250 acres regardless of weather and river conditions, with a walk from New Camp to the Coffee Dragons now no further than a walk to Main Parking! For larger events like WickerMan, Big Dub and Honcho the creative possibilities are endless and the practical implications important; with reduced road wear, elimination of most shuttle traffic and easy access to the amenities of Main Camp.

All structural work is completed and we began laying in the walking deck the last day of April. Finishing touches and the the formal opening of Rainbow Bridge will be Memorial Day Weekend, as part of our annual work weekend.

We hope you will join us for the opening of Rainbow Bridge!

Rainbow Bridge Specs 
210' span, Four 1" main cables each 340' long. 55 tons max tension each, total tension 220 tons max. 
65 cubic yards of concrete in anchors and foundations. East tower 35' high, West tower 12' high. 
Deck 24' above water level, 30' total deck rise from East to West bank. 
Deck 52" wide for two way walking traffic, Safety handrail and chain link security barrier. 
25,000 lb working load at 420 persons design max. 3 times safety factor for 75,000 lb max design load. 
Concrete by Schusters. Re-Bar Steel by Joe Charfardon and "Shorty."
Structural Steel by Martin's Welding.
Oak Deck by Cessna's Lumber.
Built by: Tina, Eddie and Bradly Shank, Chris Engdahl, Mike McConnell and Orren Whiddon.
Design by Orren Whiddon and "Bridges to Prosperity."

gekdeoldbjdiaaglAnchors and Main Camp Tower.

dmmkddeamonaafepCrew setting the suspension cables

gfhdghghmedpjnckInstalling the decking acoss the span.