May 20, 2019

Rainbow Bridge Update

RinbowBrdgeDecking play 800

Click through for Video Montage.

    The weather Gods have smiled on Flower of Life and it is now possible to walk the length of Rainbow Bridge without a safety harness! Saturday nights Full Moon Service during FoL was a full gift giving and blessing to the Orisha Oshun, for the health of all women, and her blessings for this bridge which crosses her river. Ellegua has been fed and has given his blessing for this new crossroad on the Land, which he owns.

    Over in Big Dub land our friends are launching a special ticketing for Big Dubbers attending WickerMan, and a GoFundMe Campaign to help finish out the bridge.
    We have spent over $50,000, with at least another $25k to go. Target for fundraising and (mostly) finish is late July.  
Check it out here.

    Next weekend is our Annual Work Weekend over Memorial Day and we have all of the materials to begin building the landing decks and finish out the lacing of the bridge. We have deck suspenders to set and adjust.The chain-link is up so the bridge is safe to walk, and soon we will mount the steel handrails. Over 1,700 deck screws need to be set if you are handy with a screw gun.
    We share a simple meal each evening over the holiday weekend. Join us if you can for the Memorial DayWork Weekend.

    And... Mike McConnel has put together this tasty montage of his photographs of the building of Rainbow Bridge. We broke ground the first week of March and began this project as all major projects begin, with a muddy hole in the ground!