May 27, 2019

The Blessings of Oshun

Ceremony to Oshun, at the Rainbow Bridge Site, Click to play Video

    Saturday evening, May 18th, we gathered at the river's edge to beseech the Orisha Oshun to bring good health to her daughters, the Women of our Community. After the permission and blessing of both Eshu and Oshun were received, they began making gifts of melon, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet honey, spicy Cinnamon, flowers, cloth and candle light as our Adimu to the river.

    The women sliced open the sweet melons and created flickering, floating gifts for the river as their men looked on in support. Others climbed to the center span of Rainbow Bridge to cast their gifts of flowers and oranges into the river. We asked Oshun to bless her daughters with good health, fertility, grace and beauty as her gifts were set gently floating down the river in their long journey to the sea.
    The women prepared melon with honey and cinnamon, and fed each of the men with the sweetness of Oshun. With the light fading we sang songs of honor as Oshun took our gifts to her bosom, and she blessed us in return.