June 9, 2019

Memorial Day Work Weekend 

Building the Bridge Deck, Click to play Video

We had a great turnout for the Memorial Day Work Weekend with two projects at hand. The creation of a second Sweat Lodge along the river in New Camp. And building the deck landing for Rainbow Bridge on the East side of the river.

    Our thinking was that the 16 foot square deck with staircase would take at least a week to build. As it was we broke ground Friday morning and had the staircase finished Monday morning. Ditto for the Sweat Lodge build. Dinners each evening at the Farmhouse were a delight as were the afternoon thunder storms!.
    We have continued the bridge work with geotex and gravel for what will be the heavily trafficked Eastern approach along River Road, and extending the wooden deck walkway beyond the towers of the Western approach in New Camp's Old Forest.

Many thanks to Crystal, Debo, Virgil, Rick, Dawn, Denni, Beth, Walter, Kurt, Eliza, Bradley, Chris, Orren, Mike, Fox, Pam, Ivy, Ed and Tina. Many hands make for light work. Enjoy the video!