June 14, 2019


Garth 600

Meet Mr Garth. He’s a bull.

Everyone has needs, and if we want our herd of Scottish Highland cattle to produce a crop of calves next spring, they have needs too. A bull to be precise. And soon.

    Enter Mr. Garth. An experienced four year old bull from Hills and Hollar Farms who will be arriving at Four Quarters in a week or so.

    We have been busy with new fencing (along with everything else) so that we can separate our herd out into different paddocks based on age and where they are in their breeding cycles. In the past week we have set over 1,500 feet of line posts and are in the process of wiring them up for the arrival of Mr Garth.

    His predecessors have gone to good use. All of the beef served this year from the Starvin` Artist has come from our own herd. And we have arranged for USDA inspection and packaging, so we can sell you this good grass fed beef from the Church Office. Just ask!