July 24, 2019

Rainbow Bridge Fundraiser

Rainbow Bridge Fundraiser Banner Art

Part of the experience of Four Quarters is seeing what’s new each year. Roads, buildings, and more. In 2015 Four Quarters purchased New Camp and has been working ever since to make this land available for regular use. Scrub was replanted in pasture, roads built, and last fall a deep well like we have in Main Camp.

One of the greatest joys of Four Quarters is that “A River Runs Through It.” But if you haven’t noticed, climate change has brought weird & unpredictable weather with it. Fifteen years ago places where we could reliably walk across the river on stones are now reliably underwater!

Three years in planning and design, Four Quarters made the decision last summer to build Rainbow Bridge. We went to the bank, borrowed a large sum of money and began ordering the weldments, rebar and 1,000’s of feet of cable. We broke ground in March of 2019 and have been working gang-busters ever since to have Rainbow Bridge ready for Big Dub! Staff and Members took hammer and nailgun in hand over the Memorial Day Work Weekend to build the deck landing for Rainbow Bridge on the East side of the river.

Rainbow Bridge June2019Members Work Weekend 2019 - Bridge Deck WorkRainbow Bridge Iilluimnated by night, Wickerman 2019.
1 - Rainbow Bridge, New Camp Landing. 2- Deck Buiild, Members Work Weekend 2019. 3 - Illuminated Rainbow Bridge by Night, Wickerman 2019.

And guess what, it looks like we have pulled it off! The bridge reduces loading on Main Camp and gives us much greater flexibility in planning ceremonies and events of any size, using both banks of the river. Members and guests can now walk the entirety of Four Quarters 250 acres regardless of weather and river conditions, with a walk from New Camp to the Coffee Dragons now no further than a walk to Main Parking! The creative possibilities are endless and the practical implications important; with reduced road wear, easy access to the Old Forest, expanded campsite choices, elimination of most shuttle traffic, new stage locations and easy access to the amenities of Main Camp and the wonders of New Camp. Not to mention a stunning walk through the tree tops! We are very pround of this enginnnering marvel we've flung across Sideling Hill creek. She's beautiful, and we heartily invite visitors to experience the crossing.

But building a bridge is a lot of work and even more money. $75,000 so far with another $25k to finish it off, much more than Four Quarters total annual construction budget. We need your help! Really, we do!

The Big Dub folk love the bridge and have put together a GoFundMe fund raiser to help us pay for it, check it out here.

So, Sisters and Brothers, throw down a ten spot, maybe even a twenty dollar bill, more if it’s within your heart and budget. Hold your tribe close and this sacred Land even closer. And help us build Rainbow Bridge!


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