August 1, 2019



     Our Pennsylvania Quarry opened a new vein of stone last year that is now producing the largest stone we have ever had access to, the stone above measuring over 18 feet long. These stones are of the same black and reddish staining that we have used for the South West and North West quadrants, and will be used when we continue with the main circle.
     This is the same quarry that produced the Great North Stone that was raised in 2017, a stone which came from a different bed at the quarry that shears in a thinner plane and is of a beige body coloring.  It is this kind of stone that will be used for the North Copse over the next 3-4 years.

     Because of the road washout last year we were not able to get any more of this beige stone to continue with the North Copse, but our quarry-men spent the season setting aside select stones from this beige bedding. And this week we brought the first load home!

     1 - A 17 foot stone.         2 - A pair of book-matched stones; split to flank each side of the North Stone.


     1 - Diamond sawing to get two, 3.5 foot by 12 foot slabs.           2 - Loaded and homeward bound.

     Beginning to build the North Copse is a very real challenge. It is formed as a small 35 foot ellipse, with the stones set as close as possible, side by side. For the first time we will be shaping the profile edges of the stones to fit very closely. It will be a tight, demanding job; the intent being to create a small, enclosed cloister in the North.
     Last year as we picked out the beige stone, we found a beautiful example that had a bedding shear plane running its' full length. Our quarry-men encouraged this fault and succeeded in splitting the stone through its' center, creating two "book-matched" stones that are mirror images of each other. We will be setting these two stones on each side of the North Stone, this year.
      And more stones will be delivered by the quarry next week, as we begin bringing in enough to completely finish the North Copse.

    As this very good day ended, and we gathered to bless our evening meal:
          "Today was a wondrous day, for today our good friends the Stone People came for a visit. We hope they like our home. Perhaps they will want to stay for a while. Perhaps we should encourage them to stay for a very long, long while.  Lets eat!

      Join us for Stones Rising 2019 to share in the work, of which there will be much.
      We will be trimming the Stones as part of Stones Rising, hoping that our best laid plans do not go awry.
      The Rising itself will be complicated, tight, demanding; all hands in boots and gloves.
      To invite our new friends to stay for a very long, long while!