August 5, 2019

Big Dub – The Road Less Traveled


Night Life at Big Dub 2019

We went to Big Dub this year to help out and experience it for a first time. We where a little worried about what kind of experience we where in for. Would we fit in or stand out? Exactly how crowded would it be? I’m not too sure about this music or all these young adults half my age. Would they respect the land and each other? Was there magic to be found?

We arrived on the land super early Wednesday morning and where greeted by security guards who immediately knew we where Farmies. Guess it was grey hair that gave us away LOL. We had arranged ahead of time to camp on the periphery, remembering the Gaian Mind days where the music NEVER stopped …. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM OMG. This turned out to be a great idea for Maura’s sanity, although we realized there was quiet time and we could rest easily. We shuttled back and forth into camp as we needed fairly easily.

We spent very little time in the crowds at the stage, just kinda hanging back and watching the vibe blossom. I enjoyed most of the music even though it’s not my favor, Maura loved it. The lack of judgement on body image and flavor was impressive. There was Big Love to everyone and all where respected. They care for each other, look out for each other and jump in to help each other without even having to ask. Everyone was extraordinarily open and friendly.

The festival is visually stunning. The land was transformed. There was a Pirate Ship in Hemlock hole, a Mad Hatters Tea party, huge glowing mushrooms growing by the pavilion, Candy Land in the North Crook, artists and art everywhere and stripper poles in the high meadow … just to hit a few. OH! and hammocks everywhere on the edge of the Stone Circle, it looked like a freakin Ewok city LMFAO.

BD SwimmingSMCandyLandMushroomNiteSM 600

There was food and drink vendors in major areas. It was a bit weird to be eating pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries and funnel cake at the Coffee Dragons but I got my funnel cake on and I was happy!Did you know these kids actually set up a fundraiser to help with the costs of the bridge?! I am nothing but impressed with them. They are so appreciative for all the hard work.

There is Spirituality and you don’t have to look very hard for it. There where many planned and unplanned Rituals to be found. We participated in a Viking Funeral Procession and Pyre, which was a healing ritual of letting go and was wildly successfully. Not a dry eye in the circle.

KikiWawa 600NiteLife 600NiteStage 600

We spent a lot of time at the Fire Circle which had been transformed into the Propane Dance Floor. It was really cool to see another expression of Fire. Even though a Fire was not in the literal center of the circle, it was still the prime element. We drummed and maintained the Energy for the Flow Artists. There was a dizzying array of different expressions of Fire Play and Fire Artists. I was impressed with the Artists willingness to try new moves, share what they know and support each other.

I could go on and on. We had a great time. BIGGGG LOVVVVEEE! Can’t wait to hang out with my Big Dub Family next year!

David Sanford

Originally posted on Facebook.
Photo credits, Tim Slim, Ravecade Productions & Orren Whiddon