August 16, 2019

A Stones Rising Update

Planning proceeds, with lots of work too, for this years very ambitious Rising. What are some of the ingredients you ask?

BridgeRails    Well... with the Rainbow Bridge fundraiser currently at about $7,000, we purchased the +$2,500 in materials to install the handrails. That's 250 feet of steel pipe and the same number of fittings... most of which had to be custom machined in our shop. It took days to prep and position all of the materials, but just 4 hours to assemble the handrails on the bridge. We think it looks spiffy!
    There is lots more yet to do. Over 1,000 board feet of toe and hand boards to install. The long ramps to allow golf-cart access. And more lighting! Stay tuned.








    Over in the Stone Circle we are beginning the prep work for the North Copse, and it will be a very tight working space for this years Rising. A diseased White Oak tree was leaning directly over the Great North Stone and had to be removed. With the help of a long steel cable, Miss Komatsu the bull-dozer, and some very intrepid chain saw work by Mike; we were able to slowly make our wedge cuts while gently pulling the tree back into the vertical... it was a touchy business before the tree then fell safely into the open. A bit of work with the stump grinder and this small part of a much bigger job was done.
    Next up, plotting and marking out of the North Copse Ellipse, and planning the very exacting foundation work.


    In the stone yard we have two of our four candidate stones waiting for their trip to the shop, where we will begin the gentle process of shaping the raw cut edges of these stones. Our goal is to set them in place with as little as four inches between the stones. Great care is called for as we shapethem to final size.

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    For Shadows Lights, our Saturday night ceremonial; we have stockpiled 2,000 tea lights, 1,000 pounds of play sand and every paper lunch bag in Bedford County. Yes, we will need your help to light up the Land during this Dark Moon Ceremony!

    Our ceremonial veterans have been busily designing the ceremonial complex of this year's Stones Rising. There are plenty of places for hands to help make ceremony happen. Beyond ropes and rollers, we'll need people for ritual roles, assistants and helpers, preparing sacred spaces, singers, ushers and guides, even chopping wood and tending fires. There's plenty to do!

    Remember, we have special registration arrangements for Saturday arrivals at Stones Rising.

    And as always Sunday arrivals to attend the Rising and The Feast of the Standing Stones are FREE. Just RSVP our office so we can make sure there is enough food for everyone.
    Call Ivy in the front office to make your Sunday RSVP at 814-784-3080.

Visit our Stones Rising Web Page.


LilBigDub PromoGraphic Lil Dub At Four Quarters

The response to Lil' Dub has been outstanding... it does look like we will sell out at 1,000 people. This is our fall family reunion for Big Dub, with the stunning weather that is typical for the first weekend of October, our woods in full fall splendor.

    While there will be music in the Pavilion stage, the emphasis is low key... and on our community. With workshops through the day, explorations of spirituality, ceremony at the Sweat Lodge, nightly drum circles, fire spinning and more.
    Main Camp and New Camp will be open for tent camping, with car camping in New Camp. Call the office for special Four Quarters Members arrangements.

And do visit the Lil' Dub event page for the line up and more info as it develops.
Lil' Dub Event Page