August 18, 2019

Surveyor's Tape

Consider the lowly surveyor's tape. Spun off at high speed somewhere in South China. Packaged in the darkness of a card board box to be shipped who-knows-where. Unused, unloved, unappreciated in a ware house shelf.
     Then suddenly unboxed and into the light! A brief blaze of glory in the sun, wrapped around a tree, adorning a stake, fluttering in the wind. Free, Free. Free at Last !!!!
      But then....


    For most surveyor's tape the future is a dismal end. But not at HONCHO !!!

    The folks at Honcho appreciate the Land. They LOVE the Land. And they decorate the Land.
    And from Rain Bow Bridge we see something far off. Color stretching across The Hemlock Hole.


     Swimmers cooling in the river, and color reflected on the water!


    Closer still and we see that the color is ribbons. Hundreds of colored ribbons stretching across the river, from cliff side to wood side!



    AHHHHH !!


    And so the lowly surveyor's ribbon was able to show it's true inner self.

(  Much thanks to the Chicago Deco crew at Honcho who spent weeks hand tying ribbon to netting, and created one of the most stunning displays ever at The Hemlock Hole. Our thanks and appreciation knows no bounds !  )