December 8, 2019

Winter Work

Griffith FarmhouseNov2019 4828 1200The Farmhouse, November 2018 - The work moves indoors, to workstations, office desks, and kitchen tables.

After a long and busy Spring and Summer, the festival season at Four Quarters peaks during Labor Day weekend's Stones Rising, when we perform the inspirational community work of adding stones to the Stone Circle, the "beating heart of Four Quarters" since that very first day over twenty-five years ago. As the Autumn days grow shorter, the festival season winds down with Samhain followed by Yule and the Winter Solstice. The arbors are put away. The sweat lodge is put to sleep for the winter.

But the work does go on, it merely turns inward. We turn to the planning of the coming year. We reflect on the season past and meditate on the year to come. We also look at the numbers, always a process that can bring a... sobering perspective. And always, planning, planning, planning. For most of our major events, planning the next year's typically starts even as we're putting the candles, drums, and shovels away.

We have begun the process of penciling in the 2020 season, and as soon as we are able, we'll be posting the Calendar at a Glance so our members, guests and event teams can start planning their year as well.
Planning for 2020
When the Autumn winds start to blow, we begin the process of writing and producing both the Wheel of the Year and the Members Muse. So the squirrel wheels don't stop for long: the caffeine must flow, and Kurt gets chained to his workstation!
As an essential part of the planning process for 2020, the Board of Directors sets aside time to reflect and consider the direction of the Church and the organization going forward in these tumultuous times for the people and the planet. This past year has given us some good feedback and insights for the future.
A reminder for event planners: Start thinking about the shape of your events for 2020! We plan almost eighteen months into the future, and if we've learned anything over the years, lead time rules! For instance, the Sweat lodge team will be fetching new stones and prepping their site weeks before Beltaine.
If you have an idea for running an event at Four Quarters but haven't booked your weekend yet, we really need to hear from you soon. Thanks to our Rainbow Bridge we can accommodate an event entirely in Main Camp or New Camp with comfortable access across the creek, allowing 2 events to be held at the same time. Call the Office to ask about available facilities and weekends.
Winter Moon Services
When the winds of Winter start to blow, our celebrations of the spirit do not stop.
As is our custom, Moon Services will continue over the winter for those willing to make the journey and perhaps brave the elements. Our winter moons tend to be smaller, more intimate observances, typically indoors with a warm fire! These are a great way to get to know other attendees very well, reflect on deep spiritual insights...and to get your toes wet in ritual service! 
We welcome anyone interested in conducting or helping with a ritual, the community meal, or both! As an Interfaith church, all expressions of spirit of welcome. Feel like you have something to share with others? As we are fond of telling people, just about anything goes!
If you are interested in hosting a ritual or supper and have questions or need help, there is help to be had, just for the asking: just contact the office and we would be happy to help you out.
Upcoming Full Moon Dates
December 21 - Full Moon Celebrated at Yule.
January 11, 2030
February 8, 2020
March 7, 2020
April 4, 2020

Please contact the Office or call 814-784-3080, if you're interested in being in Service for a Full Moon observance.