January 9, 2020

Moon Service, January 18, 2020

waning gibbous moonOur Winter Moon Services tend to be small, intimate, and involve a warm hearth.

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year to you from Four Quarters! We hope the winter is a time of peaceful reflection for you all. Please join us as we gather around the warm hearth on January 18 and celebrate our first Moon Service of 2020!  Church Supper at 5:00 PM, Service Follows.

Winter Moon Services are a great time to get to know each other better and share ritual in a small, intimate way. If you are interested in volunteering to host or help with ritual, winter services are a great time to try it out and lend a hand! Contact us if you are interested in leading a service.

Our Moon Services are organized and led each month by volunteers. By signing up to lead a service and inviting others to help, we grow in our own spirituality, contribute to the diversity of beliefs that make Four Quarters an interfaith organization, and build relationships with each other and the Land. This practice of open leadership has been our tradition for over two decades of Church Moon Services.

2020 Moon Service Schedule