March 24, 2020


SunriseGraphic 1200Wheel of the Year - Coronavirus Edition, Virus visualization. CDC | COVID-19 at cdc.gpv.

With the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic we here at Four Quarters have made the difficult decision to halt production of this years “Wheel of the Year Calendar.
     Most years we budget $20,000 to the printing and distribution of the calendar, and it remains perhaps the only color covered periodical surviving from the last century's explosion in alternative spirituality.  We direct mail to over 7,000 people, of whom at least 2,500 are incarcerated; the remaining copies sent out through our network of retail stores.
     Because of the pandemic schedule changes, we were forced to redesign the calendar after the first proof copy went to our printer, and we stopped this second proof as the first sheets of paper were on the presses. With the financial uncertainties we all now share, we could not in good conscience make this kind of financial commitment on behalf of our Church.
     However, we are printing a full size black and white version on our office equipment, and will be mailing this "Coronavirus Issue" out to our members, with membership cards and this year’s Members Muse, just as we did over twenty years ago with the very first hand printed issues of “The Wheel of the Year.”  Given that we here at Four Quarters instituted a full “shelter in place” policy almost two weeks ago, we cannot accept offers to assist in this year's lick–and–stick party, as has been traditional in years past. We will miss you as we wear out our finger tips!
      Our regret is compounded in that we feel this year’s calendar contains some of the finest writing we have ever published... but we do intend to share it. After the members mailing goes out we will begin publishing the feature articles to our news page on a weekly basis, both as HTML text with pictures and as printer friendly PDF file versions. Look for it!

     And... Stay Safe!