April 27, 2020

A Beltaine Emergence Moon Service

AppleThe Green Shoots of Spring... Emerging.

"It is the beginning of our Emergence.
A first step along the long road before us.

These last months of Pandemic have been a hard road
for so many: our Caregivers, those directly affected by the disease, the many who have lost income and work, and all of us facing the enormity of the changes this virus brings. We have weathered the first of this storm, knowing that there are more trials yet to come. But there is good news.

    As a Church Four Quarters has been exempt from all restrictions, but as good citizens we chose to strictly adhere to civil guidance and closed Four Quarters in early March. On April 27th, Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Wolfe of has begun the slow process of lifting restrictions, and because of the fundamental safety of the out-of-doors, has first reopened campgrounds across the state. Four Quarters is now re-opened for visits and ceremony!

We will celebrate - Our Beltaine Emergence Full Moon
Friday May 8th through Sunday May 10th.

  A time of joy and of somber reflection on what we take for granted, what is truly important, and just how tenuous life can be. The Blessings of The Land and The Blessings we share... each other.

    We plan few activities, no workshops, this is not entertainment, but rather a spiritual celebration.
Our sole focus is our Return to The Land, the first green shoot glimmerings of a way forward through this time of upheaval. We will open The Coffee Dragons, we will lay the Bon-Fire. Saturday evening a shared simple meal, Saturday night... a Major Candle-Lit Ceremony with The Standing Stones.

    There is no fee: if you can spare a donation that is good, but if your funds can stretch only enough to bring you to The Land, that is even better. If you can only be with us Saturday, please come!

    The Land is bursting forth, the dappled yellow tips of Tulip Poplar flower high in the treetops, the river runs cool and strong under the soaring Rainbow Bridge. Apple trees blooming. Our cattle heavy with their unborn spring calves. It is the beginning of our Emergence. A first step along the long road before us.

Please, please, please RSVP at 814-784-3080 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You must have a face-mask on your person to be admitted and your temperature will be scanned.
Camping Groups must have one sanitizer spray bottle, if needed we will supply sanitizer.
We will be practicing Pennsylvania's newly revised social distancing guidelines.

Our simple meal is USDA Highlander Beef Stew, raised here at Four Quarters. Please bring a small amount of root vegetables, or nice pre-packaged breads and baked goods, or good butter, honey, or jam.
We are rushing to prepare our facilities, if you would like to reserve an enclosed room, please call us!

Again, there is no fee, but please RSVP.

Bring your best hopes and best wishes for all of us as we continue on this journey... together.