May 22, 2020

Beltaine Emergence

McConnell BeltaineMoonMay20 5199 1200Socially distant ritual on a brisk spring day.

by Carrie Krystek.

The May 9 Beltaine Emergence Moon Service was a very special time for me. 

Like many of you, I have been finding the entire coronavirus situation to be very mentally and emotionally draining over these last few months. The care and concern I feel for those with the virus, the healthcare workers helping them, those affected by the economic closures, along with concerns for my own personal health and safety has been overwhelming at times. With the wide variety of information out there, it has also been difficult to know how to interact with the world in a manner that keeps me and others safe.

After a long and cold winter, it has been frustrating to observe the advent of Spring from a distance. After so many weeks of curtailed action, I was ready to spend some time in the sun. When Pennsylvania announced that campgrounds could now open, it was exciting to determine how Four Quarters could open up so that people could enjoy Nature in a safe manner.


When I arrived at the Farm, I was greeted outside the Office and asked to use a sanitizer spray on my hands prior to signing in via a form, which ensured that no one but me touched it. The table and pens were wiped down between each use, and the greeter wore a mask and maintained appropriate social distance. That is not to say that a warm ‘virtual hug’ wasn’t exchanged; we could see each other’s smiles of greetings in our eyes, around our masks. The event flyer instructed us to wear masks when interacting with people outside of our household, to wash our hands frequently, and to maintain a safe social distance. It was reassuring that these efforts were taken to ensure everyone’s safety right from the moment I arrived on the Land.

The day was a relaxing one spent talking to each other, catching up, and reconnecting with the Stones and the Land. A welcome fire near the Coffee Dragons greeted people as they arrived in Camp, as it was a bright but briskly cold day. Everyone wore a mask; there were a wide variety used and it was interesting to see the different choices worn. Everyone self-regulated their social distance between each other. It was easy to do so outside, with all the open space that is available.

McConnell BeltaineMoonMay20 5200 1200Preparing the offerings.

McConnell BeltaineMoonMay20 5195 1200mThe Beat brings the people into the Stone Circle.

At the beginning of the afternoon ritual, participants were guided as to how they could celebrate safely: people safely greeted the Stones from a distance, a circle was formed 2 armlengths apart from each other, and we sung the Invocation to the Stones, not toward each other. We celebrated the ending of Winter by making an offering to the First Fire of those things which got us through the Long Night. As a slice of cake from Samhain was consumed by the fire, we asked that the energy released by it be sent to those affected by coronavirus, and to those in need of healing.

It felt very good to do something to help those affected by coronavirus, even if it was this small thing. During a spontaneous part of ritual, many participants shared their thoughts of what helped them through the winter; they also shared what they needed to go forth into the Spring in a safe and happy way. Even though we were physically distant, I felt very closely connected to everyone there; we all had similar stories, we all were seeking both help and to help, and we were all there for each other.

After the ritual, we enjoyed a lovely community meal of Farm-raised Highlander beef stew, salads, breads, and other good things. Evidence of community effort was everywhere; the tables and chairs had been set up and sanitized earlier in the afternoon by willing volunteers, who worked together in a companionable way. The meal was comprised of vegetables, breads, salads, beverages and other items brought by attendees and cooked by our ServSafe staff. After a heartfelt blessing, the meal was served and enjoyed by all in attendance, who sat a safe distance apart from each other at the tables.

McConnell BeltaineMoonMay20 5192 1200
The Ancestor Guarrdian with a Spring Offering.

McConnell BeltaineMoonMay20 5218 1200Community Meal, socilally distant, but close in companionship. 

After the meal, the temperature started to drop and farewells were given as people started to depart. A few people camped out, and had an exhilarating experience of being on the Land in early spring. All in all, a great time was had by all, and many plan to return shortly.

After the anxiety and uncertainty of the previous months, it was very good to get out in the sun and fresh air, realize that it was possible to do so in a safe way, and that life can and does go on. It was delightful interacting with live people again, and wonderful to feel the Earth beneath my feet, the Sun on my face, and the Wind at my back. (I’ll save the Water for another time, when it warms up a bit more…). It was also a great privilege to stand in ceremony with people, to pray for those in need, and to ask for help in return. I left feeling refreshed, knowing that I will be returning, soon. Hope to see you there too!

Carrie Krystek

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

“It was a wonderful day, the wind was not fun though. Loved seeing my family on the land. The meal was wonderful and warm. Those who couldn’t be there were missed” – Beth Thomas

“On Sat I went home for full Moon ceremony to share time with my not blood family & work a little bit at the farm. I saw the old land and new land sweat lodges, we cleared the leaves and re-plant oak, pine and maple trees, we saw beautiful bugs, trees blooming and shared tapas (sweet person needs), wine and beer. Thanks to Walter & JoAnn I got my travel TP blessing and saw people that I haven’t seeing since that fire rising eagle ceremony with the Quantum fellas. A soft and windy ceremony on Saturday with masks and distance 100% accomplished. I give thanks to the Gods- Goddesses and all the people that brought a little of non fear to participate in ceremony. ACHE” – Claudia “Otter” Matalana

Griffith BeltaineMoonMay20 8066 1200The North Copse, in a carpet of fresh May green.

As of this time, the camp is open to visitors and camping. We are still planning to have a Summer Solstice Members and Guests Weekend Weekend on June 19-21. We will of course be closely following Pennsylvania state guidance for Covid-19 mitigation. This of course applies to the rest of our season as well. The situation continues to evolve, with new developments announced almost daily. But we are looking forward to seeing you all in the light of a Summer Solstice Sunrise.

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