June 1, 2020

Moon Service - Opening the Drum Circle

DnS14 JJL 9605 1200We are dancing in the Circle, Dancing to the Center. - Drum 'N' Splash 2014

Join us for the opening of the Drum Circle at our June 6th Moon Service to the Land. The drum circle will be weeded and cleaned, and made ready for Drum N Splash and the coming season. Good, dedicated, motivated tribe welcomed for the clearing. Then our first Fire, Drumming and Fire Spinning to welcome the season. Anyone hanging out this weekend is welcome to join.

Since our beginning there has been a Fire Circle at Four Quarters. Once again as we celebrate the season and prepare for Drum and Splash, we continue to dedicate ourselves to holding the Sacred Space within the Fire Circle as we focus on those who will continue to hold Sacred Space for the next 20 years and, in turn, cultivate the generations of Drummers and Dancers yet to come.

As the years have gone by, we have grown and evolved, and our experience of Fire, Drum, Dance, Ceremony, Community, and Tribe has grown and evolved also. We have come to understand that Fire Circle is Sacred Space, the beating heart of our community, something precious that glows brighter as it is shared. As we go about creating this space in a good way, we make a place of respect and of safety where the Drum supports the Dancers, the Dancers feed the Fire, and the Fire feeds us all. Inside this Sacred Space we step out of the ordinary and into our authentic selves.

Moon Services

Our Moon Services are the core of our egalitarian approach to spiritual community, organized and led each month by volunteers. They may choose to work within an established tradition; Wiccan, Afro-Caribbean or Native American for instance; or one that is deeply personal. Our larger spiritual events enlarge upon this approach, with planning groups developing a series of ceremonials that can span the weekend. In all cases our Services are open to anyone, with children especially welcome. Volunteers also prepare and serve our Saturday evening church supper. The meal is usually prepared onsite, usually has both an omnivore and a vegetarian option, and can be prepared by the same people who are offering Moon Service or by someone different.

By signing up to lead a service and inviting others to help, we grow in our own spirituality, contribute to the diversity of beliefs that make Four Quarters an interfaith organization, and build relationships with each other and the Land. This practice of open leadership has been our tradition for over two decades.

Moon Service weekends will occasionally host an unpublicized Sweat Lodge or Bardic Circle, and there is always a shared supper, vibrant community and ceremony. The weekend is $10 if you camp overnight and free if you are with us for the day.

For Information, please call 814-784-3080 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You must have a face-mask on your person to be admitted and your temperature will be scanned.
Camping Groups must have one sanitizer spray bottle, if needed we will supply sanitizer.
We will be practicing Pennsylvania's newly revised social distancing guidelines.