August 30, 2020

Welcome To The Stoneyard

Griffith StoneYard june2020 8111 1200A massive stone in The Stoneyard, where New Stones abide wating to take their place in the Stone Circle

It is that time of year again, the dog days of august, giving way to cooler nights and the promise of the coming harvest, and the Great Work, the raising of megalithic stones in the Stone Circle, the beating heart of Four Quarters. It is done with the minimum of modern machinery, relying as much as possible on heart, sweat, and human muscle and neolithic ingenuity with rollers, sleds, ropes, levers, cribbage blocks, and as many willing hands as we can gather. We create the ceremonial complex around the annual raising of stones, and we make it deeply sacred.

Griffith StoneYard june2020 8101 1200Another view of The Stoneyard and waiting candidate Stones.

The days before Stones Rising are a time of preparation and making ready. Part of that process is the examination, selection and preparation of the new Stones to enter the Stone Circle. These new stones lie in repose awaiting their turn in The Stoneyard, atop the hill, in the greensward opposite the Labyrinth. When candidate stones come to The Land from the quarry, they stage here, sometimes waiting for years. The magic of the Land seeps into and welcomes them, the soft slow old voices of these ancient Grandmothers and Grandfatherstheir call to their future siblings from the Stone Circle. Not all are chosen, some go on to grace the Land in other ways. The people visit and pay their respects with a sense of wonder and anticipation, make offerigs, meditate, pray wth these ancient beings.

Griffith StoneYard june2020 8103 1200Two Stones sit side by side in the Stoneyard. Shall one be chosen?

Sometimes we know what stones are coming to the Circle years in advance, other times we receive guidance days before Stones Rising. We currently are in the process of building the North Copse in the Northern Axis of the Stone Circle, with carefully fitted stones set handspans apart. We carefully consider … who’s next.

Griffith StoneYard june2020 8110 1200Another great Stone waiting for the call to voyage to the Stone Circle.

As I write this, the live-in staff are carefully measuring and closely surveying, and are in the process of choosing which will be the two Stones to be raised at Stones Rising 2020. There will be a process of sizing and trimming. The spaces will be dug, concrete footers will be prepared - one concession to modern necessity, concrete footers reinforced with steel rebar. Then as the pilgrims come to the Land, making prparations for the Stone Pulls into bring these mighty megaliths the Circle, and Sunday’s Raising of the Stones with every willing hand needed!

Griffith NorthCospe June2020 8127 1200The North Cospe on the Northern axis of the Stone Cirlcle. Two Stones are planned to be added to the small elispe.

Which one’s will be this year’s Stones?
You’ll have to come to Stones Rising to find out!

– Kurt Grifffith

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