September 3, 2020

Laying the Footers

Griffith SR2020 8331 1200The Concrete truck has arrived, and a Stone Crew sets to setting a footer.

Laboring through three days of rain, we have dug and laid in the footers for the new Stones. The work of the traditional Stones Intensive has compressed into three days of dedicated effort. The Stones have been chosen, prepped and dressed. The footers have been dug and today was concrete day! Our dedicated crew poured concrete in the rain and got the forms ready to receive the new Stones - in the rain!

We are expecting better weather for the weekend.

Griffith SR2020 8340 1200As rain drizzles dowm, putting the finishing touches on the frist footer.

Griffith SR2020 8345 1200Beginning the concrete pour on the second footer.

Griffith SR2020 8357 1200Mike McConnel keeps a watchful eye the pour and the efforts of the Stone Crew,

Griffith SR2020 8377 1200The two completed footers, before being covered to protect from further weather.

Griffith SR2020 8312crop 1200Two new Stones, dressed and prepared, patiently await their turn to join the Stone Circle.

What the heck is going in here? Check out Stones Rising to find out!

– Kurt Grifffith

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