September 11, 2020

Stones Rising 2020

BThomas SR20 002 950A pause before another mighty pull to raise up another Stone.

By Kurt Griffith and Members of Four Quarters
Photography by Beth Thomas and Kurt Griffith

Stones Rising 2020 took place against a backdrop of pandemic and a crippled economy amidst the sweeping changes of the accelerating Age of Limits.

None the less: it was an excellent event, very smooth with minor mischief managed and logistics very competently executed. Ritual and ceremony were meaningful, relevant and moving—commendations to all the ceremony facilitators, staff and helpers. The amount of sleeve rolling up and stepping forward by all the attendees was wonderful to see! Two more Stones now stand in the Stone Circle, making a total of sixty-one Standing Stones, incliuding two smaller stones filling the gaps alongside the towering north axis Stone.

BThomas SR20 005 800Bringing a new Stone into the Stone Circle. Ropes. Rollers. Sweat.

As a response to the fear and uncertainty of the outer world, attendees enthusiastically embraced the theme of the year, “Into the Dreamtime” finding our way through ritual and ceremony to go within and seek the help and guidance of Spirit, a journey unique to each individual seeker. One such journey is related below.

Griffith SR2020 8413 800High in the trees, a volunteer helps to rig the witness arbors.

Stones 2020 - Into the Dreamtime.

This was a challenging journey for me. I came to the land knowing what was bothering me, that my heart was heavy. But I did not realize how much it was weighing me down. In my Journey I felt that load in way that I had not before.  I understood it in a way I had not before. I realized that only I could set this burden down and that it was I who was choosing to carry it, if only because I won’t set it down. I am stubborn that way. I understood my why’s at that moment. I sat with my grief, we had a good long talk and then I made a change and walked away from it. It was a long and difficult Journey but very much worth the trip.

– Maura Graziano

Griffith SR2020 5404 800The Stone Crew assess a finicky bit of stone jiggering before setting up the final rise.

Lessons of the Stones

The Raising of Stones, these great elegant and ancient beings, the building of the Stone Circle, also serves to build community in a very real way. Through the binding of very real effort, the stretch of our muscles, the sweat of our brows, the figuring of finicky bits of stone nudgin', we come together with shared purpose. An effort of decades, that will span generations, reveals a deep commitment to something that will last, something greater than ourselves. Something to pass on to generations to follow.

BThomas SR20 004 800Freshly baked Loves of the Corn Mother cool awaiting the moring gathering that begins The Rising.

And over time, all the ritual and ceremony, the summoning of deities, spirits, helpers, guides, and things with no names, in every spiritual path you can name - imbues the Stone Circle with the accumulated mojo of decades. You can feel it, humming in the air. One of my favorite things to do is to introduce the Land is to bring a new person to the Stone Circle and just let it hit them.

Stone’s Rising Medallion 2020

SR020 Medallions 8002020 Stone Rising Medallions.

Closely associated with the serpent of the earth, the water dragons are healers, warriors, and peace gathering clans. The water dragon is said to bring peace and unity where only war was before. Powerful spirit guides with knowledge of Mother Earth secrets and the wisdom of the ancients in their blood.

Water dragons visit during dream time when all is quiet in the mind and the body is no longer a restriction. Dragon will guide you to journeys of knowledge and self-growth, protecting your travels and improving your communication with the spirit world. The other side has the year and a blank space which if burnished transforms into a mirror for personal reflection.

Many thanks to Brendan Rich for the design and casting. Blessed Be.

Griffith SR2020 5427 800A time honored tradition, a little one is welcomed to the Tribe after a passage through the Mother Stone.

Sweat Lodge and Singers

I would personally like to commend and honor everyone who worked Sweat, staff and the volunteers who came forward. Special kudos for my Singers, both veterans and the rookies, who were just magnificent, even with no opportunity to rehearse this year. They were absolutely on point, even after working stone, came on the drums and sang their hearts out. They even took in stride my dropping a song we never practiced. After ten years at the ceremony drum, I think they have eared this one... Ínyan Čhangléška Ȟʼokhá. – the Stone Circle Singers.

Woplila tanka to each and all of you for all that you do.

– Kurt Griffith

BThomas SR20 006 800While we manuver a Stone, one of our little ones seems more interested in stones more her size.


Dream of acorn fairies and rainbow dancers
Dream of fellowship in the red of night
See through the trees the twinkling lights
See the river of shimmering stars
Breathe in who you are
Breathe out who you are not
See shooting stars across the Milky Way
See the night reflected back at you
Dream of childish antics on a school bus
Dream of neon painted leaves
Dream of the mundane
Dream of light

 – Amanda Kroft

BThomas SR20 001 950Two new Stones stading in the Stone Circle. Photo by Beth Thomas.